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Who is AJ Styles ?


Allen Neel Jones, a member of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and popularly known to his family and supporters as “AJ Styles” is an professional American Wrestler.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation, AJ Styles made his wrestling debut in 2001 with WCW. Since his

Known for his highflying maneavors and electrifying in-ring presence, Styles has established himself as one of the most integral parts of WWE. He is one of the most dynamic and dominant performers of his generation.

AJ Styles has won numerous Championships and titles across the globe namely MPW Universal Heavyweight championship, IWGP Heavyweight championship (2), NWA Wildside Heavyweight championship (1), WWE intercontinental championship (1) and WWE United States Championship (3).

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Who is AJ Styles wife Wendy Jones ?

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North Carolina, United States of America is the place of birth of AJ Styles Wife Wendy Jones. She was born on 1978.

AJ Styles Wife Wendy Jones is very shy and private kind of person and likes to keep everything private and confidential as a result She hasn’t disclosed anything about her parents or siblings as of now.

AJ Styles Wife Wendy Jones completed her primary education from Johnson High school. Furthermore, AJ Styles Wife Wendy attended and graduated with her bachelor’s degree from University. Although, Wendy hasn’t  disclosed the name of the University she studied in.

How did Wendy Jones career began ?

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AJ Styles Wife Wendy Jones professional career remains unknown as of now. She hasn’t disclosed anything about her profession as of yet.

However, according to some reports, AJ Styles Wife Wendy Jones used to work as a high school teacher after her graduation, although currently her professional background remains unknown.

Currently, AJ Styles Wife Wendy Jones is a homemaker as she loves to take care of her loved ones. 

What is Wendy Jones Net Worth ?


The exact Net Worth of AJ Styles Wife Wendy Jones remains unknown as of now, AJ Styles Wife Wendy hasn’t disclosed anything about her fortune as of now. However, She shares a massive amount of her husband, AJ Styles Net Worth.

According to some reports, the estimated Net Worth of WWE superstar, AJ Styles is $8 millions approximately. Majority of his fortune comes from his glorious wrestling career.

How did Wendy Jones and AJ Styles meet ?

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At Johnson High school, AJ Styles and Wendy Jones met each other for the first time, the duo attended the same class. Styles and Wendy Jones were introduced to each other by common friend group, the duo stayed friends for several years before AJ Styles finally proposed Wendy in 1996 Valentine’s day.

Soon enough, the lovebirds began dating and after years of intermittent dating each other, AJ Styles and Wendy Jones finally got married to each other.

When did Wendy Jones and AJ Styles got married ?


AJ Styles and Wendy Jones dated for almost 4 years before finally getting married to each other.

The duo tied the knot and exchanged vows on 5 August, 2000 in a private lavish wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was attended by family members and friends of both bride and groom.

AJ Styles and Wendy Jones have been happily married for more than 24 years as of 2023.

Who are the Kids of Wendy Jones and AJ Styles ?

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Wrestler, AJ Styles and Wendy Jones have been married since 2000 and together the duo are proud of four adorable children together.

Their first child son, Ajay Covell Jones was born on 2005. Two years later their second child son, Avery Jones was born on 2007.

Their third child, Albey Jones was born on 2009. Their family was completed with the arrival of their fourth child and daughter, Anney Jones in 2014.

Some Interesting facts about Wendy Jones ?

WWE superstar, AJ Styles wife, Wendy Jones is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• Wendy Jones met WWE superstar, AJ Styles when they were teenagers, the duo went to the same high school as kids.

• Wendy Jones is not available on any social media platforms as of 2023. She is very shy and private kind of person and likes to keep everything low-key.

• Wendy Jones used to work as a teacher before she got married to AJ Styles in 2000.

How did AJ Styles career began ?


Being born in Gainesville, Georgia, United States of America, Allen Jones grew had a rough childhood while growing up and faced several difficult times in his childhood. He attended the Johnson High school in Gainesville, Georgia. 

Since his high school days, Allen Jones used to play several kinds of sports, finally he focused on amateur wrestling and was one of the standout wrestlers of his high school. He also became state champion in wrestling twice during his high school days.

Furthermore, AJ Styles pursued Wrestling as a career and began his training under Rick Michaels. He began his professional wrestling career with NCW as gimmick, “Mr.Olympia”, Styles won several championships and titles at NCW and NWA.

In 2001, AJ Styles was signed by WCW, he used gimmick known as “Air Styles” in WCW. He spent one one year before finally being signed by WWF.

AJ Styles finally got the breakthrough when he was signed by TNA in 2002. Styles spent most of his Wrestling career at TNA and established himself as one of the major figures of TNA. During his rookie season, AJ Styles won the first TNA X Division championship title. He also won several Pay per view event and went onto establishing himself as one of the stars of the future generation.

AJ Styles spent 12 years with TNA winning numerous titles and championships during his reign in TNA. Styles won TNA world heavyweight championship (2), TNA X Division championship (6) and TNA tag team championship (2).

Known for his high flying moves and maneavors and charisma, AJ Styles became a force to be reckoned with in TNA and WWE.

Currently, AJ Styles is signed by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), he was signed by the company in 2016. Since his WWE debut, Styles has fought with some of the greatest wrestlers of his generation including, John Cena and Roman Reigns.

Throughout his glorious wrestling career, AJ Styles has earned several praises and applauses by pundits and wrestling fans across the globe. By some Styles was considered as “one of the greatest performers wrestlers of this era”.