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The Rock Story:

The Rock Wife
The Profile

The great Dwayne Johnson is a very well-known actor, producer, and one of the best professional wrestlers in the history of WWE. People nowadays may only know him as a great actor but only the real ones have seen the furious and the ring ruler ” Dwayne The Rock Johnson ” who was feared by the opponents as they could see their defeat standing opposite to them. Although Dwayne ” The Rock ” Johnson left the ring in 2016, the ring never forgot him and still considers him as the best in history.

People consider Dwayne as one of the sexiest men alive on this planet which may be considered one of the best moments for Dwayne Johnson’s wife Lauren Hashian whenever she gets to hear that she is the beautiful wife of the sexiest man in the world.

At present, Dwayne Johnson has opted for a career in acting, and just like he was the best wrestler in the ring, he is one of the best actors when it comes to filming and giving out a super hit movie on the screen. This has been proven quite a lot of times in some top-class movies like the fast and furious series, The Mummy Returns, and Skyscraper. This list is long but can be summed up well when someone says that at present he is one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

The Beginning of Dwayne Johnson:

The Rock Wife

The Rock was born on 2nd May 1972 in Hayward, California to mother Ata Johnson and to dad Rocky Johnson who was also a great professional wrestler. The rock grew up in New Zealand with his mother’s family and was a great rugby player. He was the one lucky son of his parents and was a gifted athlete who was in the football, track, and field events, and in the wrestling team of his high school. As a child, he never had a game plan for his life and was frequently arrested for theft, fighting, and check fraud. Soon John found out his game plan for life and turned himself into The Rock.

Did the Rock also have a great football career?

The Rock had a great High School football career because of which he got a scholarship to the University of Miami and played as a defensive tackle for the Miami Hurricanes team during his freshman year 1991 and the same year he helped the team win the Championship.

In his 4 years of college career, he was seen trying hard at the practice sessions but always fell short and was used as a back up. The NFL star and the NFL Hall of Fame inductee Warren Sapp was his team mate and went on to become a star. In his 4 years of college career, The Rock played in 39 matches in which he had only 1 start with 4.5 sacks and 77 tackles. 

In the year 1995, The Rock finally graduated with a Bachelor’s of General Studies Degree along with dual majors in Criminology and Physiology. Throughout his time at the college, he was a great speaker in the Miami Area community and frequently delivered positive messages about his own struggles and encouraged students to remain in school and avoid the dangers of drug use.

After completing his graduation, The Rock was signed by the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. Calgary moved him from defensive tackle to linebacker. He was assigned to Calgary’s practice roster, but was cut two months into Calgary’s 1995 season.

Dwayne Johnson’s first wife:

The Rock Wife
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The Rock had a marriage which was an unexpected failure. Even people were in shock when they heard that the rush big daddy of the ring is going to have a divorce with his first wife Dany Garcia. The Rock Wife Dany Garcia is a successful businesswoman, IFBB professional bodybuilder, and film producer.

The Rock Wife was born on November 29 1968 in Belleville, New Jersey, and was the lucky daughter to Cuban immigrant parents. Dwayne and Garcia were friends during their time at the college. Soon their friendship immediately turned into love and they ended up marrying each other on 3rd May 1997.

Birth of Simone and Dwayne’s split up:

The Rock Wife
onstage during the People’s Choice Awards 2017 at Microsoft Theater on January 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

After marrying The Rock, Dany automatically joined the famous Samoan Anoa’i family. The couple soon welcomed their first child Simone Alexandra Johnson on 14th August 2001. The happy marriage came to an unexpected end when in June 2007 the couple announced that they had decided to split up amicably which left little Simone Johnson with the choice of living either with her dad or mom. Soon in May 2008, the couple had to split up.

The Rock wife – Lauren Hashian:

The Rock Wife
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Dwayne Johnson and his wife Lauren met for the first time during the filming of The Game Plan. Soon after Dwayne’s divorce, Dwayne and Lauren met frequently and in no less time, they started dating. The Rock Wife Lauren Hashian is one of the kindest and sweetest souls who has even turned the furious rock into a loving father for their two children and a caring husband to his wife Lauren Hashian who is always seen with a big genuine smile on her face.

The Rock Wife Lauren Hashian is the daughter of a great singer Sib Hashian and model Suzanne Hashian. Inspired by her parents, Lauren Hashian is now a professional singer and a model. The modeling photos of Lauren Hashian is loved by all. The Rock and Lauren Hashian decided to tie a knot on 18th August 2019 in a low-key Hawaiian ceremony and make a family. There were only a few wedding planners involved in it. The marriage was later confirmed by outside resources and now people could see a different Rock in front of them which earned him whole new respect.

Private Life:

The Rock Wife

Dwayne and his wife Lauren have always focused on the complete privacy of their marriage. The couple welcomed their first girl Jasmine on December 17, 2015. Soon Lauren and Dwayne welcomed their second child. The second child was a daughter as well named Tiana who was born on 17th April 2018. After the birth of their girl Tiana in April, Lauren came up with the idea to shift to Los Angeles with the kids and Dwayne. The big happy family resides in Los Angeles and has got a farm in Virginia where they love to spend their family time during vacations.

The Happy Family:

The Rock Wife

According to Dwayne, The Rock Wife Lauren entered his life and turned it around in a positive way. The Rock Wife Lauren changed Dwayne in such a way that no one could have ever expected. Lauren was always supportive of her husband and it is clearly evident that the couple co-wrote their story with their strong connection, getting over their tough times. The Rock Wife Lauren made sure there was nothing as a hard thing in their life.

The family gained the daughter’s strength after the birth of Jasmine and it doubled with the birth of Tiana. People may think Dwayne Johnson’s wife and two children are lucky enough to be so close to the best man but in reality, Dwayne Johnson is the luckiest to have a wife like Lauren and two daughters like Jasmine and Tiana. Behind every successful man, there is a major part played by a woman but in the case of Dwayne Johnson, the part has been played by his wife Lauren and two children.

The Rock goes out of his comfort Zone and clicks some amazing Pictures with his Wife:

The Rock has become quite possibly of the most active man in Hollywood today. In the beyond couple of years, he has thrived as an entertainer and a finance manager. Yet, whatever occurs, he never bombs family times and values being a dad and a spouse. As of late, despite the fact that he is occupied, The Brahma Bull invests some energy with his significant other Lauren Hashin.

Nonetheless, this time it was not The Stone, but rather his significant other, Lauren Hashian, shared their image. A couple of hours she posted a story on her Instagram handle. The couple presented moping before the camera.

By the posts of The Stone, its an obvious fact that he is a man at this moment. In this way, dealing with a few things consistently makes it hard to have family time routinely. We can find in the photograph how blissful the couple is getting to know one another.

What does his daughter Simone do now?

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In February 2020, The Rock and WWE said that his daughter Simone had started training at the WWE Performance Centre which made her the first fourth Generation wrestler. Soon in May of the same year she signed a contract with WWE and in May 2022, The Rock confirmed that she is all set to make her debut under the ring name Ava Raine.

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