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Who is The Miz ?

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Micheal Mizanin, a member of World Wrestling Entertainment and popularly known to his family and supporters as “The Miz” is a professional American Wrestler.

Widely regarded as one of the best Wrestlers of his generation, Miz was signed by WWE in 2004. Since his professional debut, Miz has established himself as one of the most integral parts of WWE.

Known for his electrifying maneavors, in-ring charisma and work-rate, The Miz became one of the fan’s favourite in a very short amount of time.

Throughout his glorious Wrestling career spanning over more than 19 yesrs, The Miz has won numerous championships and titles namely, WWE United States championship (2), WWE intercontinental championship (8), and the prestigious WWE championship (2). Miz has won the 2nd most Intercontinental championship in WWE history.

Moreover, Miz has also made several movie appearances in his career, The Campaign, The Marine 3: Homefront, Christmas bounty, Fighting with my family and many more over the years.

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Who is Miz wife Maryse Mizanin ?

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Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is the place of birth of The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin. She was born on the year 1983, 21 January. As of 2023, Maryse Mizanin is 41 years old.

The Miz Wife Maryse is very shy and private kind of person and likes to keep everything private and confidential and as a result She hasn’t disclosed anything about her parents or siblings as of now.

Furthermore, The Miz Wife Maryse also hasn’t disclosed anything about her Educational background as of now.

Since her high school days, The Miz Wife Maryse wanted to become a model and actress as she was attracted by the glitz of the media industry. Maryse has also competed in several fashion shows during her High school days. 

How did Maryse Mizanin career began ?

The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin began her modelling and acting career at a very young age, She used to compete in several Beauty Pageants, Maryse also competed in Miss Hawaian Tropical Canada Beauty pageant in 2003, She went onto winning the beauty pageant.

The following year, The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin finished at the second spot in International Finals of Miss Hawaiian Tropical in 2004.

Over the years, Maryse had done several brand endorsements, She was also seen on the cover page of famous magazine, Playboy Girls of Canada Calendar in 2007.

As her husband, Maryse also pursued wrestling as a career. She signed her first professional contract in 2007 with WWE, as she made it to the top 8 of the Diva’s search.

The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin quickly rose to prominence due to her villainous character and bossy attitude, Maryse was known for his high flair maneavors and in-ring charisma.

The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin triumphed the Divas Championship.  She remained the champion for record 216 days, she was the longest running champion until 2014.

Throughout her career, Maryse Mizanin fought for WWE, she is considered as one of the best female wrestlers of her generation. She triumphed the Divas Championship (2) times in her career.

Maryse Mizanin is also ranked as the 9th best of the top 50 wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2009.

Apart from her Wrestling career, Maryse Mizanin has also appeared in several Hollywood movies over the years. She made her movie debut in 1994 with movie, Octobre. Maryse has also appeared in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell no!, Santa’s little helper, Karla, Isle of the Dead, The Marine 5: battleground and many more movies over the years.

What is Maryse Mizanin Net Worth ?

The Miz Wife

The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin has made an fortune working over the years from Hollywood to WWE, the estimated Net Worth of Maryse Mizanin is $5 millions approximately.

Moreover, She also shares a massive amount of her husband, The Miz Net Worth. According to some reports, the exact Net Worth of WWE superstar, The Miz is $20 millions approximately.

Miz earns a hefty amount from his glorious Wrestling career and brand endorsements per annum.

How did The Miz and Maryse Mizanin meet ?

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Maryse Mizanin and The Miz first met during the WWE Diva search in 2006, the Wrestler was one of the hosts. After the auditions, Miz and Maryse Mizanin talked for hours and the duo instantly clicked off.

After several months, Miz and Maryse Mizanin began dating before, after years of intermittent dating each other the lovebirds finally got engaged in 2013.

When did The Miz and Maryse Mizanin got married ?


One year later after getting engaged, The Miz and girlfriend, Maryse Mizanin finally got married to each other.

The duo tied the knot and exchanged vows on 2014, 20 February in Bahamas in a private lavish wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was attended by family members and friends of both bride and groom.

Miz and Maryse Mizanin have been happily married together for more than 9 years as of 2023.

Who are the Kids of Maryse Mizanin and The Miz ?

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Maryse Mizanin and Miz have been married since 2014 and together the duo are proud parents of two adorable kids.

Maryse Mizanin gave birth to their first child, daughter, Monroe Sky Mizanin. She was born on 27 March, 2018.

One year later, their family was completed with the arrival of their second child, daughter, Madison Jade Mizanin. She was born on 2019, 20 September.

Some Interesting facts about Maryse Mizanin ?

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WWE superstar, The Miz wife Maryse Mizanin is a very secretive and shy kind of person and little is known about her personal life, However we have collected some of the lesser known things to the fans:

• The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin is the former Miss Hawaiian Tropical Canada. She won the beauty pageant in 2003.

• Maryse Mizanin is actively available on social media platforms, She has approximately 1.8 millions followers on her Instagram Account as of 2023.

• The Miz Wife Maryse Mizanin is married to WWE superstar, The Miz. They got married in 2014.