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Who is Mark Henry?

Mark Jerrold Henry, born June 12, 1971, is an American former powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, strongman, and professional wrestler who presently works as a commentator/analyst, coach, and talent scout for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He is well known for his 25-year WWE career.

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Who is Mark Henry Wife?

Mark Henry Wife

Jana Perry’s Henry is Mark Henry’s lovely wife. Jana Perry, Henry’s wife, is also of African-American descent. She is still an excellent match for the wrestler since she has been there for him at every stage of his life. Her professional life, on the other hand, is kept private.

Where does Mark Henry Wife Jana Perry come from?

Her precise birthday is unclear. Mark Henry Wife Jana looks to be in her forties.

However, Mark Henry Wife Jana Perry is a very private person who has been keeping a low profile away from all the media attention. Mark Henry Wife Jana has never revealed much about her parents, siblungs if any or any other details about her family background or where she comes from.

Where did Jana Perry Get her education from?

Mark Henry Wife Jana Perry was always said to be brilliant in her academics. However, Mark Henry Wife Jana has never revealed the name of her school but it is said that she completed her schooling from her home town.

The details about whether she went to college or not is yet unknown.

How did Mark Henry and Jana Perry Meet?

There is no precise information about how they met. Before becoming engaged in 2005, the couple dated for a while.

When did Mark Henry and Jana Perry get married?

On April 24, 2005, the couple tied the knot.

Does Mark Henry have children?


He was formerly married to Jana Mckissick. Mark and Jana Mckissick have a son named Jacob Henry Mckissick. Joanna Henry is the daughter of Mark and Jana Henry.

How is the career of Mark Henry Going on?

Henry is a two-time Olympian (1992 and 1996) and a Pan American Games gold, silver, and bronze medallist in 1995. 

He was a WDFPF World Champion (1995) and a two-time US National Champion (1995 and 1997) in powerlifting, as well as an all-time raw world record holder in the squat and deadlift. 

He still maintains the WDFPF world records in the squat, deadlift, and total, as well as the USAPL American record in the deadlift, which he has held since 1995. 

He holds the record for the largest raw squat and raw powerlifting total ever completed by a drug-tested athlete, regardless of weight class, as well as the largest raw deadlift by an American citizen.

Henry was a three-time United States National Weightlifting Champion (1993, 1994, 1996), an American Open winner (1992), a two-time United States Olympic Festival Champion (1993 and 1994), and a NACAC champion (1996) in weightlifting. 

From 1993 through 1997, he held all three Senior US American weightlifting records. He won the inaugural Arnold Strongman Classic in 2002.

He became a one-time WWF European Champion and a two-time global champion after joining the global Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1996, holding the ECW Championship in 2008 and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship in 2011. 

He became just the fourth African-American global champion in WWE history (after The Rock, Booker T, and Bobby Lashley) after first capturing the ECW Championship.

Henry was honoured into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018 in April 2018.

Where does Mark Henry come from?

Henry was born in the East Texas hamlet of Silsbee, 90 miles northeast of Houston. He was a major wrestling enthusiast as a kid, and André the Giant was his favourite wrestler. 

Young Henry attempted to touch André as he walked down the aisle during a wrestling match in Beaumont, Texas, but stumbled over the barricade. André plucked him from the crowd and placed him behind the barricade. 

Ernest, Henry’s father, died of diabetic complications when he was 12 years old. Henry was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was 14 years old.

Henry comes from a family where practically all of the males are larger than usual, particularly his great uncle Chudd, who was 6 ft 7 in, weighed over 500 lb (230 kg), never wore manufactured shoes, and was recognised as the strongest man in East Texas’ Piney Woods.

Henry was a high school football player until his senior year, when he ruptured ligaments in his wrist in the first game of the season and scored below 700 on the SAT.