4 Money-Saving Tips for Watching a Sports Event

    Photo by Riccardo: https://www.pexels.com/photo/group-of-people-watching-soccer-game-303353/

    If you are a sports fan, you know there’s a big difference between watching an event on television and watching the same life at the venue itself. The experience is made more special knowing that you are sharing the spectacle with fellow sports. 

    However, watching a live event has several disadvantages, the chief of which is the amount of money you will need to spend. Whether you want to see one of the greatest and richest football clubs in the world or support an individual athlete during the Olympics, you may need to save enough cash to afford tickets, transportation, and accommodation if you want to watch your favorite team play in another country.

    The good news is that it’s possible to watch a live event without draining your wallet dry. You just need to follow these money-saving tips to accomplish your goal of watching a live game.

    1. Get a friend to tag along

    Going solo to a sporting event would cost more than going with a friend or family member by your side. Traveling with a group costs less since it allows you to get exclusive discounts and share resources.  You just need to learn about an upcoming game in advance so you can determine who will be tagging along. Make sure the person will commit since ticket prices tend to rise without prior notice.

    2. Join special promos and competitions

    Oftentimes, tickets cost more than other expenses. The average price of an NFL game reached $800 last year, so your best bet is to score free tickets and special discounts through brand offers. There are also raffle competitions you can enter. While the chances of winning are slim, it’s still worth a try if it means getting tickets that would otherwise sell for more than $1,000.

    3. Be strategic with your schedule

    If you are planning to watch a live game in another country, timing is everything. Even if you have bought tickets to see the UAE Rugby National Team in action, nothing can prepare you for expensive flights and accommodations during peak season. 

    Consider scheduling your travel plans during off-seasons when there is less demand for plane tickets and hotel rooms. With this in mind, review upcoming games for the season and look for ones that allow you to save money. 

    4. Ditch hotels

    If you are looking for accommodations in the place where the event will be held, consider looking for cheaper places to stay. Hotel rates could be too much if you are just visiting to watch a game. A less costly option is to browse Airbnb listings or ask people you know in that area if they could let you stay in.  Aside from these, you can also stay in motels, although this could put you at risk. If possible, try to ask the locals about the best places to stay at a cost you can afford. 

    In case you are planning to watch a live event in a faraway place, make sure to keep these money-saving tips in mind. You wouldn’t know if you need extra cash for souvenirs!