Cristiano Ronaldo Shows off his new Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram

The Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo has never shy of trying a new hairdo, since his joining in Manchester United the superstar has tried many looks and also carried them.

The Juventus star is growing his hair for the last few years, first the superstar has tried the  Sporting an alice band and as his hair grows longer now he just man bun his hair, even the lockdown period we have noticed that the his girlfriend Gerogina Rodriguez put it braids for a while.

Now after the pandemic the superstar posted a picture with his Juventus team mate Juan Cuadrado where in the picture everyone can witness that Cristiano Ronaldo has let his long hair loose.

While the back side of his hair is short, but the top side of the hair is full with curls and its springing in every direction.

Initially the Juventus  player Juan Cuadrado posted the picture on his Instagram account, with a caption:

“Ready for tomorrow. Will the look change? @Cristiano for me you should leave the curls.”

Later the superstar posted the same picture on his Instagram profile and also ask the fans about his new hairdo?

The superstar posted:

“What do you think about my look like my brother Panita ?!”

Former Juventus Superstar Mehdi  Benatia  boosted the confidence of the superstar with a laughing emoji on his picture, the post of the superstar got millions likes on his social media platform.