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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, who is commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo and affectionately called CR7 by his fans, is a professional football player from Portugal who currently plays as a forward for the Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team.

The player who is often considered as the greatest player of the world and of all time was born on 5 February 1985 on the Portuguese island of Madeira in São Pedro, Funchal and was brought up in the Funchal parish of Santo António.

Cristiano Ronaldo Family:

Ronaldo’s father,José Dinis Aveiro, was a municipal gardener and a part-time kit man for the club Andorinha. Cristiano Ronaldo mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, was a cook. Ronaldo was the youngest child of the family, Now Cristiano Ronaldo family comprise with his mother, his children and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s siblings named Hugo and two older sisters named Elma and Liliana Cátia. Ronaldo was named after the then US President Ronald Reagan.

Ronaldo’s great-grandmother, Isabel da Piedade, who was from his father’s side was from São Vicente, Cape Verde. Ronaldo was brought as a Catholic in an impoverished home where he shared his room with his brother and sisters.

Now at this stage the Portuguese superstar considered as one of best players in the game, from joining to Manchester United till Juventus in his illustrious career he has won many accolades but in all that success there is tinged of sorrow in Ronaldo’s life, Cristiano Roanldo father José Dinis Aveiro was not there to witness his success, his father died in 2005 when he was just 20 years old.

In an interview the Juventus star broke down into tears when questioned asked to him about his father’s passing, the Superstar stated:

“I really don’t know my father 100 per cent,”

“He was a drunk person. I never spoke with him, like a normal conversation. It was hard.

“To be the number one and he don’t see nothing, and he don’t see to receive awards, to see what I became.”

In Cristiano Ronaldo family, his mother(Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro ) is the dearest person to the superstar, when the superstar is off the field he loves to spend most of his time with his family members,football fans has often seen his mother with the superstar holding the trophies in the ground or in many occasion.

In Cristiano Ronaldo family the newest members are Cristiano Ronaldo children’s, who fulfill the family of the superstar with their advent.

Cristiano Ronaldo jr is the first born baby of the Juventus man, in the year of 2010 the Portuguese star announced on social media platform that he has become a father of a baby boy,  Cristiano Ronaldo jr was born in U.S.A to a surrogate mother.

Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram

After his birth Ronaldo stated:

“It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy.”

“As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.

“I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these.”

in 2017 Cristiano welcome two twins baby named Eva Maria and Mateo to a surrogate mother.

and in that same year Cristiano Ronaldo announce that he and Georgina expecting their first child and on the 12th December Alana Martina was born.

Cristiano Ronaldo Career:

Ronaldo started playing football as a child for the amateur team in the club Andorinha where his father worked as a part-time kit man and later moved to the club Nacional.

Ronaldo’s professional football career began when he was signed by Sporting CP after a three-day trial for a fee of £1,500.

He started believing that he could be a professional footballer from the age of 14 and asked his mother to stop his education so that he could shift his entire focus on football.

He was later expelled from the school after he was accused of throwing a chair at his teacher for which Ronaldo said that his teacher had previously disrespected him.

His career could not ended prematurely as he was diagnosed with racing heart. He underwent surgery where a laser treatment was used to cauterize the affected area of the heart and soon after the operation, Ronaldo resumed his training.

When Ronaldo was just 20 years old, his father died of an alcoholism-related liver condition in September 2005 at the age of 52. This is the reason Ronaldo does not consume alcohol.

Once an article in the popular magazine Daily Mirror was published stating that Portuguese superstar has been spotted heavily drinking in a nightclub in July 2008 while recovering from an injury. The allegations were proved false and Ronaldo later received libel damages.

After his move to the Italian giants, Juventus from Real Madrid, the 35-year-old superstar is now Ronaldo and his family is living in the north side of Italy, According to some source the Ronaldo managed to joint two villas in Gran Madre de Dio in the heart of Turin, Cristiano Ronaldo and his family are also staying with the superstar in Turin.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wife-Georgina Rodriguez

After breaking up with Russian model Irina Shayk in January 2015, Ronaldo’s five-year long relationship, the Portuguese superstar’s name was attached to many models and actresses. But none lasted for a longer period of time.

Right now in this sporting world Cristiano Ronaldo spouse Georgina Rodriguez is the most famous wags, but before becoming the girlfriend of the winger she has not lived the life of such lavishness.

Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

The Spanish beauty Georgina is from jaca, a city which is situated in the northeastern part of Spain, Georgina Rodriguez was born on 27 January 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to parents Jorge Rodriguez and Ana Maria Hernandez. She originally belongs to Jaca, which is a providence in the province of Huesca, near the Pyrenees and the border with France.

It was at the end of 2016 in the month of November, the news of a relationship with Spaniard Georgina Rodriguez emerged when the couple was spotted in Disneyland Paris.

Cristiano Ronaldo wife Georgina Rodriguez and Ronaldo were spotted on many occasions together with holding each other’s hand in the early stage of their relationship.

Despite having put on a disguise by Ronaldo, he failed to remain unspotted as the Italian Magazine Chi identify the football player walking arm-in-arm with Georgina and publicly showing for one another.

How Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez met?

Cristiano Ronaldo wife Georgina Rodriguez flew to England at the age of 17 and there she got a job as a nanny for a pair in Bristol and there she focused to learn English and also earning £9.50 an hour, after she expertise her knowledge in English she returns back to his country Spain for her dream work in a hing end retail shop, and in the year of 2016 Cristiano’s wife got her dream job in Gucci, while she was busy in her work, she got the eye of the former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is also believed that the Spanish beauty caught the eye of the Portuguese superstar in the VIP area of a Dolce and Gabbana event.

After their first meeting at the Gucci store, Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife met again in some other brand’s event, where they managed to spend some we time in some relaxed atmosphere, and in many time Ronaldo wife admitted that it was love at first sight for both of them.

Since then the couple started dating secretly for a few months. But after the incident in Disneyland Paris, the whole world came to know about Georgina and then the couple upped their public displays of affection and also followed each other on social media platforms.

Georgina Rodriguez/Instagram

Georgina is often spotted in the executive boxes at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium whenever Real Madrid hosts a football match, cheering for her boyfriend and watching Ronaldo perform on the pitch.

She was also seen on the pitch, posing with her boyfriend, after Real Madrid won the third consecutive Champions League Trophy in 2018 by defeating Liverpool in the finals.

Ronaldo and his wife managed to wrap their relationship in the beginning,once it was in the knowledge of the football fans that both are in a relationship, the football fans turns into the shop of Gucci to see Ronaldo Spouse, once fans approach the stores in numbers because of the chaos Cristiano wife Gerogina got dismissed from her dream job.

Cristiano Ronaldo contact gave another job to the love of his life in some different store where she was getting 1,200 euros in a month, but later once again Cristiano Ronaldo Spouse lost her job as fans went to the store to click a selfie with the Spanish beauty and the management ask her to leave the job to maintain the chaos.

About her experience she said: “I was hiding, but fans were looking for me at the store. They used to call up and ask about me, pretending to be clients.


“There were always photographers waiting for me. The director told me to go down to the basement because he did not want to see me in the store. I started to be very uncomfortable and then I left.”

Later after her relation with Cristiano Ronaldo, she started her career as a model in Madrid and is currently being signed by the Madrid agency Uno Models.

Georgina Rodriguez Work Life:

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From Selling Gucci to wearing it:

Cristiano Ronaldo wife used to work in the Gucci store and from being a saleswoman for the brand now to be a high end client for the brand, from her house to now living in a £5 million mansion in Italy.

Now, the Spanish model is also living in style too, jetting off in  a private plane with the superstar and also driving some extravagant sports cars.

Since Ronaldo with his wife started dating,Georgina Rodriguez become a star in her own way.

Running Cristiano’s empire:

Since the beginning of their relationship the Spanish supermodel is very clear to become not to be a another wag like others,earlier she has also stated that she has no intention to spend Ronaldo’s money on shopping, instead of that the wife of Ronaldo some active role to manages their fortune.

She stated:“I loved earning money for myself and I never let myself be helped when someone offered to lend me a hand,”

“I am realistic and if I see that I can buy something not too expensive I do. If I can’t wear a Chanel, I buy a Zara. Why brag about something that does not belong to you?”



Georgina Rodriguez/Instagram


Cristiano Ronaldo Children :

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On 18 July 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed to the media that his girlfriend Georgina was pregnant with his child, Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife is proud parents of their four children.

On 12 November 2017, Georgina gave birth to a daughter whom the couple named Alana Martina. Ronaldo posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that read, “Alana Martina is just born! Both Geo and Alana are doing great! We are all very happy!'” and later spoke to the media that he was very happy to have another child.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first child was born on 17 June 2010 in California who he named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. The identity of the child has never been disclosed since then and it still remains a mystery.

On 8 June 2017, Ronaldo became the father of twins, a girl named Eva and a boy named Mateo. The twins were born in the United States and are believed to have been born via a surrogate mother.

Georgina Rodriguez/Instagram

Georgina has already formed a good bond with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and Dolores Aveiro. She is a nature and animal lover and loves to remain with positive people. She presently takes care of all the four children of Ronaldo.

Georgina said:“I have always been mature and for me to have four children is not a burden,”

“I wear it very well and, in fact, I no longer imagine my life without my children. It has definitely brought us closer. We’re happier together than ever. The children are our joy.”


Famously the Portuguese superstar stated that he wants a seven children, but Cristiano Ronaldo wife Georgina Rodriguez has some different ideas, when question asked to her, where she sees herself after 10 years, she replied:“I do not see myself with more children.”

Cristiano Ronaldo wife and kids are now staying with the Portuguese superstar in his lavish house at Turin, Italy.

Georgina Rodriguez/Instagram