Indian Spinner teases Tik Tok Star after it Bans In India

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Yesterday, Indian central minister blocked 59 Chinese applications in India, among that blocked lists of applications, there was hugely popular application Tik Tok is there, the Indian 2011 world cup winner spinner Ravichandran Ashwin  teases the Australia hard hitter David Warner, who gained huge rage on Tik Tok in during the Lockdown period.

Ashwin from his Twitter account Retweeting a news article about the ban, Ashwin tagged David Warner and said “Appo Anwar?”, a popular dialogue of Rajnikanth movie ‘Baashha”, which stands “what are you going to do now?”.

After his tweet, many Tiktokers and David Warner Fans lashes out their comments towards Ashwin and the superstar also clears the air by saying that it was a light-hearted joke towards David Warner and he also confirms that he has a great space of respect for the superstar.

In response to Ashwin’s tweet one Twitter Handler re tweeted to him:

“”You were not raised properly,”.

 Ashwin Replied:

“It’s a light hearted banter in Tamil. Can be so easily missed due to context and language barrier. I appreciate you being a @davidwarner31 fan, my respect for him is still intact.”

Indian government decided to came to this conclusion of banning this applications because of the tension with China following the past few days in Ladakh, where 20 Indian solder died due to the action and also more than 70 soldiers are injured.

During this lockdown time the Australian cricket got the rage in the Application and in most of his videos there was Indian twists were noticed, be it dancing on popular Indian songs and also in the lip syncing videos.