5 Best Sports Apps To Get Live Cricket Scores

Cricket is one of the most followed sports in the world. When cricket comes to India, it is almost a religion!

Over the years, people have taken to the internet to stay connected with cricket when they don’t have access to seeing live matches or don’t have the time. This problem was quickly addressed by websites like Planet Cricket where cricket-crazy fans can track live scores, and fetch in-depth analysis, conveniently and quickly.

Today, there are more such websites than ever, and it can easily be confusing for avid cricket fans to choose between them. However, some apps offer the most pertinent information that is also well-organized and easy to use.

Here are the five best sports apps that you can download to get live cricket scores.

  1. The Official ICC App

The app is the official app from ICC,the governing body of cricket in the world. And they call it the official app for a reason. You can understand the quality of this app once you start using it. The app offers everything that might interest you as a cricket fan. It gives details about all international fixtures, team news, press meetings, player rankings, and so much more. 

  1. Cricbuzz (An app for live cricket scores and news)

Cricbuzz has been in the market for some time now. It is widely followed and very well accepted by users all over the world. The app comes for both Android and Apple phones. The best thing about the Cricbuzz app is the ease of use, thanks to its systematic and well-designed user interface. Cricbuzz gives access to live scorecards and ball-by-ball text commentary. 

  1. ESPNCricinfo (Another app for live score, news, statistics, and much more)

Possibly the earliest cricketing website in the world, ESPNCricinfo was known as Cricinfo only in the yesteryears. Since almost the beginning of this millennium, Cricinfo has been a friend of cricket lovers. The app covers all cricket tournaments across the world. It is also available for Android and Apple phones. 

  1. Yahoo Cricket App (A fun app to use that offers all cricket updates and a fantasy cricket game)

The Yahoo Cricket App is unique because apart from giving you all the necessary updates regarding cricket matches, it also has a fantasy cricket game. You can make your own team in the fantasy game of the app and then enjoy playing the game. The app also gives fast updates regarding the game with very little latency. Users can enjoy close to real-time updates with the Yahoo Cricket App.

  1. Cricket Line Guru: Fast Live Line (A fast and live cricket score update app)

This app does what its name suggests. It is a prompt and live app that updates the score in real-time. The user interface is intuitive, making it very easy for users to understand the flow of the app. Information in this app is also organized well. This app is available for both Android and Apple users.