Top 10 Famous Cricketers of all time

The Game of cricket is now more than just a game for its fans, people love this game more than anything in their lives, they love their favorite players to every step, the fans now follow their favorite cricket players to every social platform and they are also following their hairstyles and try to replicate their styling sense as well.

In these years, there were a lot of players who represented their country and club and given the fans ample entertainment with their supernatural skills but still among those players, there are some Linchpins who manage to spot a place in their fans’ hearts in a different way.

Here we present Famous Cricketers of all time:


Born on 24th April 1973 in Mumbai, he is the greatest batsman ever to have graced the game of cricket. If cricket is a religion, then this man is the god of cricket. Every cricket fan or even a non-cricket fan remembers his name, for his contribution to the game.

The man is a class apart from the rest courtesy to his exquisite straight drives, elegant cover drives and the shot that was invented by him- The Upper Cut. He debuted for India when he was 16 years old, the youngest player to play International cricket ever.

He played cricket for 24 years where he scored more than 34,000 International runs. The number of worshippers, Tendulkar has is unmatchable. There were times when Indian batting line up meant Sachin Tendulkar and people used to switch off their TV sets if he used to get out. No cricket ever has gained such popularity as our own “Master Blaster”. Even a thesis is short to describe his game and the level of cricket he used to play, and the Master Blaster is the most popular cricketer in the world.

He played in an era where the pitches used to be bowler-friendly, the boundary line used to be way back and it was that era when the likes of Wasim Akram, Glenn Mcgrath, Waqar Younis, Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralidharan, Chaminda Vaas, etc used to bowl on green tops and rank turners. His current net worth is $120 million. Social Media:  Instagram-20.9m followers, Twitter- 31.9m followers, and the god of Cricket is among the Famous Cricketers of all time.

Top 3 Innings:

  • Sachin Tendulkar’s 241 in a Test match against Australia at Sydney Cricket Ground where he did not play a single cover drive as he was getting out behind the wickets in that series while playing cover drives.
  • His 200 against South Africa at Gwalior which made him the first man ever to score a One Day double hundred
  • In World Cup 2003 he smashed a brilliant 98 against Pakistan off just 75 balls, which he himself described as his best One Day Innings

The Indian captain is currently the most famous cricketer in the world. His aggression, passion, and seriousness towards cricket are freakily untouchable. Every upcoming cricketer, not only from India but from other countries too has Virat Kohli as their role model. How Sachin Tendulkar inspired the likes of Dhoni, Virat, and others, Virat is doing that to upcoming cricketers, and the most popular cricket player in this world.

He came into limelight when he was the captain of the U-19 World Cup Winning team of India, 2008. His life-changing moment came when he decided to stop eating buttery and oily food and focus on his fitness around 2013 and also after the horrific 2014 tour of England, he started improving his offside strokeplay. It is not his game that makes one a great cricketer but it is the awareness of his game that makes him a great, and right now he is the most famous cricketer in the world.

As he started to get fitter, his game also started improving. But, that is what cricket is all about, a small decision to change your life. He was always a good player but this was his journey to become a great one. The man has scored more than 20,000 runs in the previous decade, more than anybody else in the world and none of the others come even close to him.

He has scored more than 22,000 runs in his career spanning of close to 10 years. Many believe that it is only Virat Kohli who can come even close to the batting records of Sachin Tendulkar. Currently, his net worth is $92 million. Social media: Instagram-53.2m followers, Twitter- 34.5m followers

Top 3 innings of Virat Kohli

  • Virat’s 133 off just 86 balls against Sri Lanka when India required to score 321 runs in 40 overs to stay alive in the series.
  • Virat’s 183 off just 148 balls against Pakistan in Asia Cup 2012.
  • Virat’s 153 against South Africa in Centurion in 2018 is by far his best Test innings.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni:


Born on 7th July 1981, he is one of the most successful captains, not only of India but of world cricket. The man’s cool head, brilliant captaincy skills, and unorthodox batting make him a very special player of world cricket. Since he became a captain, he completely turned the tables of Indian cricket. He got famous for his long hair and for his “Helicopter shot” when he arrived in World cricket, but none did anyone know, that this guy would go on to become a legend of the game, and MS Dhoni is the most famous cricketer in this beautiful game right now.

His fortunes changed when he was given the task of captaining a naive Indian side in the 2007 T20 World Cup. He grabbed this golden opportunity and led India to their maiden T20 World Cup win. Since then, Dhoni became the brains behind the success of Indian cricket over the past decade, and with his outstanding success records and batting ability, MS Dhoni has become the most popular player in Cricket.

His biggest achievement came when he led India to their first world cup victory after 28 years in 2011 against Sri Lanka. Later, in 2013 he became the only captain to lead his country to the T20 World Cup win, 50 over World Cup win and Champions Trophy win as they beat England by 5 runs to lift the Champions Trophy. Lastly, he was one batsman who never felt the pressure and always believed that if there are achievable runs required in the last over or in the match, the pressure is always on the bowler.

Currently, he is not playing for India after playing his last match against New Zealand in 2019 World Cup Semi-Final. Currently, his net worth is $111 million. Social media: Instagram-21.8m followers, Twitter- Not on it.

Top 3 innings of M.S. Dhoni

  • His brilliant 91 not out in the night of the World Cup Final against Sri Lanka in 2011.
  • Dhoni’s 224 against Australia in Chennai, 2013 is one of his best Test innings.
  • Dhoni’s 113 against Pakistan, 2012 is one of the most mature innings as he led India to a respectable total with a good partnership with Bhuvenshwar Kumar when India was troubling at 29/5.

Rohit Sharma:


Born on 30th April 1987 he is the only cricketer to have scored 3 double hundreds in the history of ODI cricket. He has had two phases in his career, from debut to 2013 and then his post-2013 career. He used to bat in the lower middle order, but in the 2013 Champions Trophy, he got the chance of opening the batting with Shikhar Dhawan and after that, he never looked back, and Rohit Sharma is one of the famous Cricket players to participate in this game.

He is the only player to hit a pull shot from his front foot rather than his back foot, which makes him so different from other pullers of cricket. He is a player of hand-eye coordination and sheer timing and as Virat Kohli rightly said about him he has 1.5 seconds more to play the ball as compared to any other batsman. For his lazy elegance and his ability to hit towering sixes, he is also known as the “Hit-man” in the cricketing world.

He has always been a great one day player but now he is starting to flourish in Test cricket too. Due to his eye sparkling performances and his daddy hundreds, he has become one of the most famous cricketers in the last 5-6 years. His current net worth is close to $16 million. Social media: Instagram- 12.9m followers, Twitter- 16.2m followers, and the Hitman is among the famous crickets of this generation.

Top 3 innings of Rohit Sharma:

  • 209 against Australia in Bengaluru in 2013 was his best ODI innings.
  • 122* against South Africa in 2019 World Cup was a great knock-on a challenging wicket to get India to the target of 227.
  • 212 against South Africa in a Test match in 2019.

Abraham Benjamin De Villiers:


Born on 17th February 1984, he is the most destructive batsman that one can possibly imagine. His destructiveness comes from his 360-degree stroke play, where he can smash the likes of Dale Steyn and Mitchell Starc for a six by playing a scoop shot, and he is among the famous South African cricketers of all time and a world famous batsman.

The man’s hitting ability and his humility and respect for the game has made him one of the most famous players across countries. The respect that he has earned in world cricket is unbelievable, which can be seen by an incident. In 2015, when India was struggling to a bowl and the Proteas were hitting the bowlers all around the park, AB De Villiers came into bat, and the Wankhede crowd started chanting the name of the Legend, even after knowing the situation of India in that particular match.

As some people say, he is the best ODI batsman ever to play for South Africa. Net worth is $20 million. Social media: Instagram- 9.9m followers, Twitter- 7m followers

Top 3 innings of AB De Villiers:

  • His 149 off just 44 balls against West Indies, where he became the fastest player to score an ODI century breaking the record of Corey Anderson.
  • His 33 off 220 balls in a Test match against Australia at Adelaide, 2012 is one of the best innings of De Villiers where he successfully saved the match by partnering with Faf Du Plessis.
  • De Villiers’ 106 in 2008 against Australia to chase down the second-highest total in Test match cricket.

Yuvraj Singh:


Born on 12th December 1987 he is one of the best ODI players that India has ever produced. He was known for his crisp and clean six-hitting and was considered as a brilliant point fielder and a handy bowler too. His aggressive batting and his performances and six-hitting power made him one of the most famous players. He was an integral part of India’s World Cup-winning campaign of 2007 (T20) as well as 2011 makes him a world famous cricket player.

He was also awarded the man of the series award in the World Cup 2011 for his brilliant all-round performances in the whole campaign. He became extremely famous because of 2 major incidents of his life- First, is when he hit six sixes in an over of Stuart Broad in the 2007 T20 World Cup and Secondly when people came to know that during the 2011 World Cup he was battling with cancer and still chose to play for his country, and Yuvi Paji is among the famous cricketers of all time.

He is one of the toughest players to bowl to because of his range of shots and the power which he generated in those shots. Currently, his net worth is $35 million. Social media: Instagram-8.6m followers, Twitter- 4.7m followers

Top 3 innings of Yuvraj Singh:

  • Singh’s brilliant 69 in the Natwest Series Final of 2002 was one of his best ODI knocks.
  • Singh’s outclassed 150 off just 127 balls against England in 2017 was a great inning too as India were 25/3 at one stage and managed to reach a mammoth total of 381 in 50 overs.
  • A brilliant 84 in his debut match against Australia where he as an 18-year-old was facing the likes of McGrath, Lee, Warne, etc.

Cristopher Gayle:


A brilliant aggressive West Indian popularly known as “Universe Boss” is the most explosive batsman of West Indies as well as world cricket. He knows only one way to play and that is to attack the bowlers. He is a brilliant character outside the field of cricket.

He dances he sings and is a complete package. Nobody in the world has the capability of hitting sixes as compared to this man. While Rohit Sharma is about pure timing, Gayle is about absolute power. Nobody has scored as many T20 centuries as compared to Gayle, and the prodigy is among the famous West Indian Cricketers in the world.

He is a destructive and fierce cricketer who always bullies the bowlers by continuously hitting the ball outside the park and into the stands. Currently, his net worth is $25 million. Social media: Instagram-3m followers, Twitter- 4.4m followers, and he is one of the famous personalities of cricket.

Top 3 innings of Chris Gayle:

  • His 333 runs against Sri Lanka in a Test match in Colombo, undoubtedly, is his best innings to date.
  • Gayle’s 215 against Zimbabwe in the 2015 World Cup was also a great inning.
  • Gayle’s 317 in a Test match against South Africa in Antigua in 2005.

Virender Sehwag:


Born on 20th October 1978 he was the most fearless player to play this beautiful game of cricket. He was one player who was never nervous while batting and used to sing songs while the bowler was running in to bowl. A unique character in the field and a humorous personality outside the field with his tweets and commentaries have given him the entry into the Most Famous players list. People jokingly used to say that he did not know what form of cricket he was playing because he only had one approach of how to hit the ball for a boundary.

Experts used to say because of the aggressive and fearless batting he would not be able to become a Great Test player, but, he proved everyone wrong as he scored 2 triple hundreds in Test matches and more than 5 double hundreds too in his 104 matches long Test career.

The best thing about Sehwag was his clear mindset. He always knew what he had to do when he went out to bat. He once said: “The job of the ball is to be hit for a boundary and batsman are the one who has to do that job” This statement clearly showed his class and his style and approach towards cricket. Social media: Instagram-5.2m followers, Twitter- 20.4m follower, and Viru Paji is among Famous Indian cricket players of this generation.

Top 3 Sehwag innings:

  • 309 against Pakistan in a Test match in Multan is his best innings to date.
  • 319 against South Africa in a Test match in Chennai.
  • 219 against West Indies in 2011 in an ODI match which made him the second player to score a double hundred after Sachin Tendulkar.

David Warner:


The left-handed explosive batsman has the ability to take the game on his head and completely change the complexion of the game. He is a great ODI cricketer as well as a Test cricketer, and a popular cricketer of his nation.

He became famous in the cricketing world after some of his brilliant performances for Australia and mainly because of IPL. Captaining the Sunrisers Hyderabad side has made him closer to Indian cricket fans as well as world cricket fans. He is a combination of both Gayle and Rohit Sharma as he can hit those sixes with power as well as timing.

He is in the list of top 10 highest run-getters for Australia in Test cricket. Currently, his net worth is $10 million. Social media: Instagram-2.4m followers, Twitter- 2m followers, and the Destructive Warner is among famous Australian cricket players.

Top 3 innings of David Warner:

  • His 179 against Pakistan in an ODI match at Adelaide is by far his best innings.
  • 163 against Sri Lanka in an ODI match of the Commonwealth Bank Series, 2012.
  • 123* against New Zealand in a Test match in Hobart, 2011.

Kevin Pietersen:


He was the best batsman in England. He used to play in the middle order and was an attacking batsman. He became famous because of his reverse sweeps and switch hits. Nobody had ever tried to play such shots behind the wicket and then came this man, leave alone spinners, he used to hit such innovative shots to pace bowlers too, and also popular cricket players of his time.

He was a brilliant One Day as well as a Test match batsman. Bowlers used to fear him and his all-round batting abilities. He is among the top run-getters of England in both One Day as well as Test match cricket. Currently, his net worth is $7.5 million. Social media: Instagram-1.8m followers, Twitter- 3.9m followers, and the Englishman is among one of the famous cricketers of all time.

Top 3 innings of Kevin Pietersen:

  • His 186 against India in Mumbai, 2012 was his best innings as he overcame his weakness against left-arm spin and gave Pragyan Ojha a nightmare as he continuously hit him for boundaries.
  • Pietersen’s 158 against Australia in the Oval was also a great Ashes knock.
  • KP’s cleanest innings of 149 against South Africa at Headingly.