What Have We Seen So Far in the Premier League?

The most recent iteration of the Premier League is in full swing. Fans in England are riled up, naturally. However, the English Premier League is popular around the world. Excitement is high, and in case you missed out, we would like to discuss what we’ve seen so far. Who are the top ranking teams? Who are the bottom ranking? And who are the teams that fans and pundits have high hope for? In this article, we go over everything.

The Top Three

Not many will be shocked to learn that, once again Manchester City has taken the number one spot. The Citizens have been thriving recently. They’ve won the past three Premier Leagues, albeit last season was a close call. If they can stay on the right track, and win 2023/24, they will become the first club in Premier League history to win four consecutive titles.

The English audiences are certain that the Citizens will pull it off. But, what about the global fans? As we said, the English Premier League is an international phenomenon. Even a Canadian sportsbook might cover the matches. If we take a look at these bookies, we will find that most are on the side of Manchester City winning their fourth title in a row.

Not to say that the Sky Blues don’t have any competition. Tottenham is hot on their trail, having won four out of the five matches in which they’ve participated. Their one and only draw was also their first match of the season, in which they played against Brentford. In their upcoming game they will be facing off against Arsenal, who many believe will overtake the others in this tournament.

Finally, Liverpool is third in the rankings. Though they too have racked up four wins and one draw, the Spurs have just managed to perform somewhat more admirably, scoring more goals and earning more points. Before we move on to the bottom three in the Premier League, it is worth listing the top five highest ranking clubs of the 2023/24 season.

  1. Manchester City
  2. Tottenham Hotspur
  3. Liverpool
  4. Arsenal
  5. Brighton

The Bottom Three

We’ve looked at the cream of the crop. Now it is time to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Starting off with Everton who have not done a great job in the 2023/24 season so far. Things may change in the future, to be sure, but as of now, Everton have not won a single match. In fact, out of the five games they’ve played, they only managed to tie in one. The rest are losses. The English team is languishing at the number 18 spot.

What may surprise many is to find out that Everton are not at the absolute bottom. Indeed, there are two clubs that have managed to perform even more poorly. One of them being Burnley, who’ve only played in four games so far, and have lost in three. Their most recent match against Nottingham Forest ended in a draw, and they are scheduled to play against Manchester United soon. Understandably, most sportsbooks are naming the Red Devils as the favorites to win that particular match.

At the very bottom is Luton Town, who were not a part of the Premier League in the past season. Some may say that even just going up a tier is impressive enough. However, thus far Luton Town has not won a single game. Out of the four games in which they’ve participated, they’ve lost every single one, making them the absolute worst performing club of the season thus far. Many look at Luton as the underdogs this time around, and are hoping that the club can recalibrate, and get a second win.

What Surprised Us?

Now that we’ve looked at the top and bottom three, it is time we discuss some of the clubs that have surprised us. Not just positively, but also negatively. For example, Manchester United, despite gaining some great transfers, and performing rather admirably in the past season, are now underperforming.

The Red Devils are currently languishing at the 13th spot. They started the season off on the right foot, certainly. In their first match, they faced off against the Wolverhampton Wanderers. They handily defeated the Wolves with a 1 – 0 score, which was unsurprising.

However, the Wolves are a bottom-ranking team. When faced against one of the top tiers, Manchester United buckled under the pressure. They’ve lost three out of the five matches thus far, all three against top tier clubs (Tottenham, Arsenal, and Brighton). The second match they’ve won was a 3 – 2 game against Nottingham Forest. However, it was not enough to elevate them in the top ten.

Chelsea are another team that has somewhat disappointed. Once considered the top five English club, Chelsea has certainly dropped. Out of the five games they’ve played, they only won one, beating Luton Town. With two draws and two losses, they are ranked below United, at 14.

To shift gears and look at the bright side, Nottingham Forest has certainly done quite well for themselves. They were ranked in the bottom five last season. However, this time around, they’ve managed to jump quite a few spaces, ending up in the top ten. The Tricky Trees have won two games, tied in one, and lost two. And though they certainly are the underdogs in their next match, their performance is markedly better from last season.  

Final Thoughts

The Premier League is only in its second month. Which means it is still way too early to call a winner. However, many are betting on Manchester City winning their fourth title in a row. Regardless, taking the statistics too seriously this early in the season might result in some bad decisions at bookies. After all, last season we were all certain that the Gunnars would take the crown, only for them to be dethroned in the last second by the Citizens. While the odds are important, we also would recommend keeping your eyes peeled on the games, and paying close attention to each of the matches.