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Who is Arsenal star Mesut Ozil’s wife Amine Gulse?


The simplest ways to describe Amine Gulse are as being elegant, glamorous, and beautiful. Her brilliance in living is aided by the pleasing photos and posts she makes on Instagram.

Mesut Ozil, one of Arsenal’s most well-known players, became her husband. Continue reading to learn more details about Amine Gulse.

Mesut Ozil wife Amine Gulse is a well-known Turkish and Swedish model, actress, and beauty queen who goes by the stage name Amine Gülşe Ozil.

The lovely beauty won the title of Miss Turkey 2014 and competed on behalf of her nation in the Miss World beauty Pageant 2014 competition.

What is the background of the former miss turkey pageant Amine Gulse?

Mesut Ozil wife Amine Gulse is the mother of Miss Turkey (30 April 1993), who was born and reared in Gothenburg, Sweden. Amine Gulse is 29 years old. It is important to note that Amine Gulse’s mother is from Izmir, Turkey, and that her father is a Turkmen Iraqi from Kirkuk, Iraq.

This young woman, who is quite gorgeous, grew up next to Sahan Gulse, her brother. Mesut Ozil wife also moved to Istanbul, Turkey, at the age of 18 to begin her career in the entertainment industry.

Mesut Ozil wife is reticent to discuss her time in primary school. Despite the fact that she claimed to have attended a local school in her native Gothenburg for her high school education.

This TV personality also possesses Swedish and Turkish citizenship and is of White ethnicity. Amine Gulse is a Christian, despite the fact that the majority of Turks practise Islam.

How has the career of the Turkish actress going on?

Amine Gulse’s career in the entertainment sector began as a result of her participation in several beauty pageant competitions. This gorgeous diva was chosen as Miss Turkey 2014 and also took home the title of Miss World Turkey.

This competition took place on May 27, 2014, at the Star TV Studios in Istanbul, Turkey. After winning the Miss Turkey competition, Gulse represented her country in Miss World 2014, although she was unable to advance further as her looks were not enough to persuade miss world judges.

Following that, the wife of the international football star, Mesut Ozil’s wife Amine Gulse started to receive several modelling offers. In reality, as she claims in her interviews, she frequently appeared on publications’ front pages.

This stunning woman has promoted various products on social media, including XTZN Cosmetics, Deichmann Turkiye, and many more.

Additionally, this stunning woman is a well-known TV actress best recognised for her work in the Turkish TV series Asla Vazgecmem from 2015 to 2016.

In the meanwhile, this supermodel made a cameo as herself in the Turkish drama Medeczir in 2014. She also played the lead character of Suna in the Turkish television series Ikisinide Sevdim.

Mesut Ozil wife Amine Gulse, one of the most well-known Turkish stars on Instagram, has amassed more than 2.6 million followers there.

Mesut Ozil wife routinely posts photos of her family, from photoshoots, in bikinis, as a model, from vacations, from everyday life, from ordinary events, and from brand endorsements on her Instagram account.

What is the body measurements of Ozil wife amine Gulse?

Mesut Ozil Wife

Mesut Ozil wife Amine Gulse is 58 kilos or 128 pounds and 5 feet 10 inches tall, measuring 178 cm. Her display size and dress’s specifications, however, remain unclear.

In order to sum up Amine’s physical appearance, it is important to note that she has a toned body, prominent cheekbones, a tattoo on her left wrist, and pierced ears. She also has dark brown hair and green eyes.

The model has also maintained a very high level of health and fitness. This attractive girl works out daily and even maintains a nutritious diet to stay in shape.

Mesut Ozil wife also has the following physical measurements: The ideal bikini physique is 36-24-37 inches.

When did Mesut Ozil marry his wife Amine?


The couple first began seeing one another in 2017. They confirmed their engagement later in January 2019, and on June 7, 2019, they wed.

Numerous well-known personalities, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan, who served as Mesut Ozil’s best man, were present at the wedding.

German media and the chief of staff to German Chancellor Angela Merkel blasted Ozil and his wife for inviting the contentious Erdogan to their wedding.

Amine, who was born and raised in Sweden, looked stunning in her crown during the wedding ceremony, and Mesut Ozil was spotted performing some peculiar dancing movements.

Amine presided over the event while seated at the head of the chamber on a plush platform and wearing a gold crown. The ceremony also featured a dancer and Turkish drums. The bride’s scarlet veil was then cut by Ozil as she entered the stage.

Does the Arsenal playmaker’s talent have a daughter Eda?


After Amine Gulse gave birth to a baby girl on March 30, 2020, Mesut Ozil shared the first image of his daughter Eda on Instagram.

The former Miss Turkey Amine Gulse, now an Arsenal midfielder, shared a lovely and heartfelt black and white photo on his Instagram page in which he is seen cradling his infant daughter and kissing his wife’s forehead.

The Covid-19 epidemic had put Ozil and Gulse under lockdown, but the couple was relieved that their first child daughter Eda, had been “born healthily.”

Gulse experienced some anxiety throughout her pregnancy because she was three months pregnant when Sead Kolasinac and Mesut Ozil were attacked by armed robbers in her husband ozil’s car in London.

Among the many elite sportsmen who conveyed their condolences to the young parents were Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Sead Kolasinac, Shkodran Mustafi, and Alexandre Lacazette, all of Ozil’s Arsenal colleagues.

Have the couple invested hugely on a business?

Veg Conomist

News about the purchase of an ownership position in Citizen Cosmetics Limited by Mesut Ozil and his wife, former Miss Turkey Amine Gülşe, who is one of the top-rated football players in the United Kingdom, first surfaced in 2019.

The transaction and the investment were organized on their behalf by Dr. Erkut Sögüt, Mr. Zil’s agent and attorney.

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