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Who is UEFA champions league winner Marcelo wife Clarice Alves?

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For many years, Clarice, a devoted lady, has done an excellent job of playing the roles of a caring wife and mother.

Marcelo wife manages the house and takes care of the Viera family despite her hectic schedule. When they were adolescents, she first met Marcelo.

They have developed a solid friendship over time. Because of his contribution to the Spanish Giants Real Madrid team, Marcelo is among the most well-known athletes in the globe since Marcelo signed for spanish club.

But up until today, little has been known about his romantic life.

Does Marcelo vieira wife clarisse alves come from Rio de janeiro?

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The Club World cup star Marcelo Vieira wife Clarice Alves was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on December 7, 1988 Marcelo wife has a luxurious life as an actress, but she prefers to keep her personal details out of the public eye.

Who are the family members of Clarisse Alves?

Her mother’s and father’s names, as well as the nature of their occupations, are unknown.

Even the existence of the Brazilian woman’s siblings is unknown.

Where did Clarisse Alves get her education from?

Marcelo wife Clarice Alves finished her high school education in a nearby college. She developed an attachment to performing and wanted to pursue it professionally from a young age.

How did Clarice Alves move forward toward acting?

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Marcelo wife then began to seek expert assistance. In order to learn more about acting skills, she went to the Casa e Companhia de Artes Avancini.

She began attending acting courses in addition to her academic studies, including instruction from Sonaira D’Avilla’s “Studio Escola de Atores.”

She also graduated from Artcenicas School with a degree in acting. She worked really hard and with much enthusiasm to achieve her goals.

At age 17, she established herself as a top-tier acting pro.

How did the Career of Clarice Alves start?


Clarice began her acting career while she was quite young. She appeared in several theatre productions by the time she was 17.

Bruno Saglia’s 2018 film “Diminuta,” in which she starred, was released. She speaks Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English quite well.

She has had exponential professional progress thanks to these traits.

What is the net worth of Marcelo vieira wife Clarice Alves?

Clarice hasn’t disclosed a lot about her income. Because we don’t now know her annual income, figuring out her net worth has become challenging.

However, we think she has amassed a respectable fortune thanks to her lucrative acting career.

How did Real Madrid legend Marcelo vieira and Clarice meet?


In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, One of the greatest left backs Marcelo Vieira had a beachside meeting with his wife. Having met the los blancos star Marcelo before, Clarice’s brother introduced the two of them.

The narrative began in this manner. They eventually started dating and began spending time together.

Being only teens, they had no idea how their love story would develop. They had been together for more than 20 years, yet they hung up on each other.

When did Marcelo vieira get married?


The couple exchanged vows in 2008. At the wedding ceremony, all of their close friends and family members were present. Marcelo married the love of his life to complete his love story.

Their bond has grown deeper after their children were born. They respect each other’s viewpoints and have open lines of communication.

Who are the children of Real Madrid star Marcelo Vieira?


Two kids make Clarice and Marcelo happy parents. Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira, their first child, was born in 2009. Liam Alves, their youngest son, was born to them in 2015.

Is Clarisse Alves present on Social media?


Clarice enjoys huge popularity on Instagram. Currently, she has 622k fans. She frequently uploads images of herself, her children Enzo and Liam, and her spouse.

She enjoys traveling a lot and frequently shares photos from lovely locations she has visited.

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