What are some fun bet ideas


    Betting with a bookmaker online is no longer something mind-boggling, for many players betting on sports is so familiar that they are looking for ways to get an initial sense of pleasure from the bet, and some may visit the feeling that something extraordinary will happen at the match. Many bookmakers these days don’t pass up the opportunity to bet on a high-profile non-sports event. It is also a great idea to diversify the players’ experience in the betting industry, as well as a way to get new emotions or even to discover a whole field of activity that brings in good money. Even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about sports betting, there is always a chance to win, even if you bet on a clear underdog.

    Incredible stakes

    These guys went down in the history of the gambling industry as the craziest gamblers. Their faith and luck are beyond reality. It’s extremely rare for that to happen. That’s what makes you want to try your luck. 

    Wise Grandpa

    Every parent knows that their child is unique. No child is without talent. The important thing is to find an environment to bring it out in the course of life. This was no problem for Pete Edwards, who literally bet on his grandson, Harry Wilson. In 1999, when Harry was three years old, his grandfather bet £50 in a bookmaker’s office that his grandson would play for the Welsh national soccer team. Harry, indeed, was a soccer player. He was a bright boy and stood out among his peers in the Liverpool academy. As a result, in 2013, at the age of 16, Wilson made his debut for the Welsh national team, while not having played at the adult level for the club. The grandfather’s happiness had no limits – the joy for his offspring was multiplied by a nice bonus of 125 thousand pounds from a betting company.

    African epic comeback

    January 10, 2010, in a seemingly ordinary match of the first round of the group stage of the African Cup met teams of Angola and Mali. Angola, the hosts of the tournament, had a tangible advantage during the course of the meeting. After the first half they led 2-0, and by the 74th minute they extended the advantage to four goals (4:0). A good start? No! In the end the Malians seemed to have activated Messi mode and within 11 minutes they poured four goals into the gates of the hosts of the tournament. The spectators, to put it mildly, were shocked. The draw was 4-4. Some bookmakers were also surprised by the outcome of the meeting and considered it suspicious. Nevertheless, it is known that one of the companies paid a shrewd customer 50,000 pounds. He believed that the Mali team would be able to avoid defeat and bet 50 pounds at odds of 1000.00.

    All or nothing

    When you hear someone bet “all in,” it usually means that the person is putting all the money they have on the line. For Ashley Revelle, the term turned out to be “a little” more literal. He really put everything he had on the line and spun the roulette wheel in an attempt to double and risk losing his entire fortune. Subsequently, a television program was made about this ultra-risky venture. In the program, Revelle recounted how he hatched the idea of selling everything and taking a trip. The idea eventually led to him winning about $135,000. It turned out that there was only one suitable place to carry out the scheme – Las Vegas. The hero of our story took the cash, got on a jet plane, and headed to Casino Plaza to bet everything on black. At the last moment, an inner voice whispered something to Revell, and he bet “on red. The decision turned out to be the best decision of his life. The ball neatly “landed” in box 7 red, and Ravell received his winnings – $270,600. He gave $600 to the croupier as a tip, and invested his newfound fortune in his own business, an online casino.

    Advanced Outcomes

    Over time, when you have learned to calculate the probability of victory of a particular team, and betting on the “victory” of the favorite has become bored – there is a lot of proposals for the outcome of the match from play online 4rabet ! No matter if web version or mobile app 4rabet India offers the best line odds, has a curacao license, which means you can create your legendary history in India absolutely legally.

    Accurate score

    To win a bet like this, you need to have the highest knowledge of the sport and have an excellent understanding of the strategies and priorities of both teams. However, it is possible that a bet can go in solely on luck, and there are plenty of such examples. 4rabet online gives “tasty” odds on such outcomes.

    How the goal is scored

    Once the bets on the “simple” outcomes are made, you can test your luck and bet on unusual outcomes. Behind such outcomes are not the lowest odds. “How the goal will be scored” includes:

    • Foot goal
    • A header goal
    • Free kick goal
    • Own goal

    Player betting

    Great for fans who know their favorite team’s strategy perfectly. These variants of the outcome have good odds 4rabet betting. The options are as follows:

    • Author of the goal in the match.
    • Author of 1st goal
    • Author of last goal
    • Player Suspension

    For thrill-seekers, there are a huge number of ways to have fun with betting. If you are a fan of any of the teams and know all the nuances of the player, you can make good money on this. There are many examples of this. Those who believed in their team to the end or just happened to bet. Now that your gadget is able to do the same as a desktop computer – betting has become even more convenient, easier and faster, and therefore the chances of luck have increased significantly.