Virat Kohli’s Top Records in His Career so Far

Image by patoliyad412 on Pixabay

There’s no question that Virat Kohli will go down in history as one of the best cricket players from India. The man has broken so many records so far and the craziest thing is that he’s not nearly done. Kohli has many good years in front of him, so he’ll have more records broken by the time he hangs up his boots.

If you’re following cricket scores from the current ICC T20 World Cup, you probably noticed that Kohli just became the world’s leading run-scorer in T20 World Cup history. That’s just another major achievement in his record-laden career, crossing Mahela Jayawardene’s record of 1,016 runs in the match against Bangladesh.

What are Kohli’s other major achievements? Let’s take a look at the top records below.

Only Batter to Score a 900 in a Single IPL Season

In 2016, Virat Kohli struck 973 runs from 16 matches, with an amazing average of 81.08. He’s the only batter with that kind of score, and his record may not be broken for a long time. Let’s just see if he has it in him to top that score.

Fastest Batter to 4,000 Runs in Tests

Not all of Kohli’s records are in T20 matches. He’s also the fastest batsman to 4,000 runs, reached in only 65 innings. He broke the record previously held for years by Brian Lara, but did it much more efficiently, as Lara did the same in 71 innings. Advantage – Kohli.

The Only Captain to Six Double Hundreds in Test Matches

Kohli scored his 6th double hundred in Test matches in late 2017. It was the most by any captain, adding weight to his legend. Once again, the previous record was held by Brian Lara for many years. Lara was a legend too, and he broke this score five times during his time serving as a captain.

Fastest to 1,000 ODI Runs in a Year

Hashim Amla was the fastest batsman to 1,000 ODI runs in 15 innings and a single year. However, Virat Kohli did it better, reaching that number in 11 innings. We’re not undermining Asla’s record at all, but Kohli is the better player and he might even break his own record in the coming years.

Fastest to 10,000 ODI Runs

Call him the fastest batsman in the world of cricket. Virat Kohli holds an impeccable record when it comes to ODI runs and is the first one to 10,000 runs in just 205 innings. Previously, the record was held by the cricket God himself, Sachin Tendulkar. The great cricketer achieved that feat in 259 innings, but Kohli did it faster. Let that sink in if you’ve ever doubted his abilities.

He’s Not Even Done

The real surprise comes in the fact that Virat Kohli isn’t done breaking records. He’s still just 33 and has many good years ahead of him. We have no doubt he’ll solidify his status as King of Cricket, maybe sooner than we think if India nabs the World Cup trophy.