Interesting facts about online casino

    Despite the fact that gambling has existed for several thousand years, they actively began to develop since the 19th century. During this time, the entertainment industry has experienced many ups and downs, restrictions and prohibitions. However, now almost everyone who has access to the Internet and a device to log in to the network can enjoy playing in an online casino. Consider interesting facts from the world of the Online gambling industry, which made casinos possible to be exactly as we now know them.

    When did the first gambling site appear on the Internet?

    The official date of creation of the first online casino is 1996. However, in some sources, there is information that the playground appeared two years earlier. In fact, the one that appeared in 1994 could not be called a full-fledged site, it was just a prototype, which after a while was made really high-quality.

    The full version of the online casino had several games that are the most attractive to users even now. It’s poker, craps, roulette. The first slot with a progressive jackpot was seen by online casino players in 1998.

    Live games appeared only after 10 years – in 1996

    Some users since the advent of the first internet online casino just dreamed of having the opportunity to play not only with automated machines, but also with other players and real dealers. In 1996, there were simply no technical means to implement such a new idea.

    Nevertheless, after a dozen years, the dreams of users have come true. In 2003, 3G Internet technology was introduced, which was adopted by casino developers. Live games on Internet sites were launched a little earlier than popular software such as Android and iPhone appeared.

    Do popular betting strategies published on the Internet work?

    Some of the gamblers are still sure that somewhere there is a special algorithm that allows you to guarantee profit in the casino. Nevertheless, this opinion is quite controversial.

    You can consider, for example, such a popular strategy as the Martingale system. Its essence is the so-called «positive progress». The user is required to double the bet each time after the bet is unsuccessful. However, this popular strategy completely ignores the fact that the size of the bankroll is limited. Even with a one-dollar bet, a mid-static player using the Martingale system will notice how rapidly the bet amount increases. But there is no guarantee that the next bet will be successful.

    Indeed, one should not dismiss the fact that some of the strategies have a right to exist. But do not forget that the work of slot machines is controlled by a random number generator. And his «behavior» is impossible to predict.

    Bonus programs on the site – is it good or harmful?

    The marketing strategy of any online casino includes various methods to attract new customers, as well as to retain old users on the site. For this purpose, various bonus programs are used. But users should not perceive them as «gifts» that do not commit to anything.

    In fact, bonuses are some of the benefits that the player receives for specific actions. For example, it can be registration on the internet casino site or replenishment of the deposit for a certain amount. There are always requirements for receiving bonuses – a game with a bonus several times before it becomes possible to transfer it from virtual to material. The terms of the internet bonus program may be different (each online casino has the right to set its own). Players should carefully read them, so that due to their own carelessness, they do not lose the advantages of the casino.