Yuzvendra Chahal Wife (Dhanashree Verma) | Personal Life | Love Story

Who is Yuzvendra Chahal wife Dhanashree Verma?

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Yuzvendra Chahal wife Dhanashree was born on 27th September 1992 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What does Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife do?

From a very young age, Dhanashree was fond of dance. This is the reason she has built a career in dance for herself.

Apart from dancing she also completed her degree to become a dentist.

Yuzvendra chahal wife Dhanashree got her degree from patil dental college.

After practicing as a dentist for a few years, she decided to follow her passion for dance and rose to fame in no time.

When did Dhanashree verma get into fame?


Yuzvendra chahal wife Dhanashree Verma got famous through her youtube channel and since then has choreographed a lot of big names in Bollywood as well as in the Indian Cricket team.

She has been seen choreographing some big names like Shreyas Iyer, Shikhar Dhawan, Rajkumar Rao, and many more.

How did Yuzvendra chahal and Dhanashree verma meet?

Yuzvendra chahal wife

Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhana had one of those unexpected love stories.

During the lockdown imposed in the year 2020, the fun-loving bowler decided to learn dancing and he decided to ask Dhana to help him out as he had seen her dance videos.

Yuzvendra chahal wife Dhana agreed and soon the classes started and they both became good friends.

The friendship turned into love for both of them in no time.

Who proposed first?

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Finally the team india leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal decided to pop the big question and it was a yes.

How did Yuzvendra chahal wife react to this?

Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife Dhanashree Verma said that the lockdown period was perfect for both of them to know each other.

His wife Dhanashree Verma also added that both of them are fun-loving and they would never have a dull moment between them.

When did they get married?

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Yuzi and Dhana gave the fans a big news when they got married on 20th december 2020.

How is the relationship between Chahal and Chahal’s wife dhanashree?


People can see their happy pictures through the Instagram handles of Yuzi and his wife Dhanashree Verma.

In this short term of their marriage, the couple has faced probably one of their lowest points when the leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal was excluded from the team selection for the T20 World Cup in 2021.

There were rumours about Dhanashree cheating on Chahal with Shreyas Iyer and the couple splitting up but both of them stood strong and publicly denied it.

During the second leg of the Indian Premier League in 2021, Chahal proved his worth once again for the Royal Challengers Bangalore as he wanted his way in the indian squad.

When the squad for India was released, fans were disappointed to see Chahal being excluded from the squad as the selectors made way for Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel, Varun Chakravarthy, Rahul Chahar, and Ravindra Jadeja.

After Chahal’s exclusion, a lot of questions were raised to which Indian selector Chetan Sharma said that there was a lot of discussion about Rahul Chahar and Yuzi Chahal but Rahul’s mystery spin was given importance.

After this, Yuzi had broken down and his wife Dhanashree put up an Instagram story with a cryptic message which said

“ Maa Kehti hai ki ye Waqt bhee guzar jana hai. Sar Utha ke jiyo kyuiki Hunar aur ache karm hamesha sath dete hai. Toh ji baat aisi hai ki yeh waqt bhi Guzar jaana hai. God is always great.”

Dhanashree Spotted in a mini black dress in Mumbai party:

Dhanashree Verma was seen in Mumbai on Saturday night in a hot smaller than normal dark dress by shutterbugs and she looked totally lovely. The star YouTuber and Choreographer, who is hitched to Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal, emerged from a party and found the cameras hanging tight for him. A video columnist shot her in the delightful dark dress and posted it on his Instagram handle.

On Saturday, she was spotted strolling effectively and with next to no assistance which is a very merchandise news and ideally we will see Dhanashree back to shooting music recordings and making viral Dance recordings on Instagram.

What is the Net Worth of Yuzvendra Chahal?

Yuzvendra Chahal is a well known Indian cricketer who has been around the Indian Cricket circuit for a really long time and has been one of the best spinners for the Indian cricket team and the man behind some of the famous victories in the recent times that the Indian cricket team has achieved a specially in the T20 format where he became the highest Wicket taker for the Indian cricket team in the history of the T20.

A man which the Caliber of Chahal is surely expected to have a high net worth and with the clean and good boy image of Chahal who is a fun loving guy fans expect him to have a high brand value as well which matter of fact is the truth as he is one of the most marketable cricketers and has a high brand value as compared to a lot of cricketers.

 At present the net worth of Chahal is about 6 million in US dollars which is also equal to 45 crores in Indian currency.  Most of his income comes from cricketing sources that is the central contract that he receives from the BCCI for representing the Indian cricket team and the fees that he receives from the Indian Premier League franchise Rajasthan Royals which he represents. 

Yuzvendra Chahal started his career in the Indian Premier League by earning just 10 lakh per season until the 2018 season when the royal challengers Bangalore gave him a contract of 6 crore in Indian currency.  Later at the 2022 Mega auction he was brought in by the Rajasthan Royals who got him for a fee of 6.5 crores in the Indian currency. Till date he has earned about 37.7 crores from the Indian Premier League.

Apart from his cricketing incomes, he is also seen working in a number of advertisements which are seen on television as well as he is also seen promoting several brands and products on his social media platforms for which he charges a handsome amount which are positively contributed towards his net worth.

 A lot of people don’t know about it but Yuzvendra Chahal loves video games and is often seen streaming different video games on a gaming platform named Rooter for which Rooter pays him a handsome amount.

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