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Who is the wife of Sir Vivian Richards?

Viv Richards wife
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Viv Richards wife is Miriam Richards. Miriam Richards is a well-known Antiguan celebrity spouse who is most known for being the spouse of Sir Vivian Richards, a former cricketer from Antigua.

Cricketer Sir Vivian Richards, who bats third for a potent West Indies team, is renowned as one of the finest batters. Between 1974 and 1991, he was a member of the West Indies team.

Where does Miriam come from?

Viv Richards wife Miriam is a very private person and has never revealed anything about herself. Even Sir Vivian Richards has not revealed anything about the background of his wife Miriam.

Her exact date of birth is not known but she might be aged between 55 to 60 years of age. Miriam is of American nationality.

Everyone knows Vivian Richards studies at the St John’s boys primary school and practiced at the St john’s cricket club but their educational background of Miriam is not available.

When did Vivian Richards get married?

The exact marriage date of Viv Richards and his wife Miriam is not available.

The couple has two children, named Matara Richards and Mali Richards.

What are the other details about Miriam?

Viv Richards wife Miriam Richards’ precise birthdate, month, and year are unclear, however, it is generally accepted that she is between the ages of 50 and 55. She presently resides in Jamaica, in the West Indies, and has dark eyes. Her ethnicity is more specifically West Indian.

The estimated net worth of Miriam Richards is unknown; to put it another way, she has not yet disclosed her exact net worth to the public. We also learned that Sir Vivian Richards, her spouse, is said to be worth $20 million.

Did Neena Gupta and Sir Vivian Richards have a relationship?

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With her outstanding performances on both the little and large screens, seasoned actress Neena Gupta has dazzled the public. While the celebrity was young, she had her own set of challenges even though she was able to make a space for herself early in her TV career and later in films.

Everything began when Neena Gupta had an affair with renowned cricketer Sir Viv Richards and subsequently made the unconventional decision to have her daughter Masaba Gupta outside of marriage.

Neena’s life has been a roller coaster of balancing being a single mother, continuing her acting profession, and maintaining her composure when unfavorable things were being said and published about her for having a “love kid” in the media.

But at 42 years old, the performer discovered true love with chartered accountant Vivek Mehra, with whom she married in 2008.

But Neena’s widely reported romance with Sir Vivian continues.

How did the relationship with Neena Gupta start?

Vivan Richard and Neena Gupta started dating in the late 1980s. The West Indies’ cricket team, captained by the notorious ladies’ man Vivian Richard, arrived in India for a series.

For the uninitiated, Vivian had two kids at the time and was married, although apart. According to media accounts, Neena and Vivian connected at a Mumbai party despite though they didn’t have much in common.

Soon, Neena Gupta became pregnant with Viv Richards’s child Masaba Gupta. On the other hand, Richards refused to leave his wife.

How did Neena Gupta bring up her daughter?


When Neena Gupta was growing up, it was unheard of to have an unmarried kid. Her parents were traditional. Given the kind of attention, celebrities receive nowadays, even celebrities would think twice before having a kid in a romantic relationship.

Neena Gupta, however, was not someone who was intimidated by society or its traditional conventions. She decided to carry through her pregnancy and give birth to Masaba Gupta despite the advice of her friends and family.

When Neena Gupta was asked about if hates the international cricket star Vivian for not leaving his wife, Neena Gupta replied

“Agar koi mereko itna bura lagta hai toh main bachcha use paida karungi kyun? Mai pagal hun kya? (If I hate someone so much, why would I have a baby with them? Am I mad?),”

How does Masaba Gupta feel about her father?


In an interview from 2017, Masaba mentioned her father, Sir Vivian Richards, and stated,

“I adore and appreciate both of my parents a great deal. They are both accomplished individuals of their own type who do not follow the crowd. I recall spending holidays with my father from the time I was eight years old until I was fourteen. He traveled the globe at the time, was highly active in commentary, and visited India frequently. I never truly lived with dad, but my mother and I would visit him on vacation.”

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