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Who is Suresh Raina?

Suresh Raina had also served as the stand-in captain a number of times for the Indian cricket team as well as for his IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings whenever the main captain wasn’t available. He was the second youngest captain in the history of the Indian Cricket team.

He was named as the captain of the newly formed Gujarat lions in the Indian Premier League and had a very successful stint as a captain for the team and led the team to the trophy in its very first season.

He was the first ever Indian batsman who had scored centuries in all three formats of the game that is in test, T20 and ODI cricket. He also created history by becoming the first ever Indian batsman to score a century in the T20 World Cup when he scored 101 against South Africa during the 2010 T20 World Cup. Suresh Raina was also a major part of the team which won the 2011 cricket world cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

On 15th August 2020 he decided to retire from all formats of international cricket but had decided to play in the Indian Premier League. He had to pull out from the 2020 Indian Premier league season due to personal reasons and later decided to retire from all formats of cricket including the Indian Premier League and domestic cricket as well.

Suresh Raina was an aggressive middle order batsman and always came out Handi for the team but his biggest weakness was playing the shot balls. Suresh Raina tasted success in Limited overs cricket but could not achieve the same in Test cricket because of his weakness for short balls. Throughout his career opponents always exploited his weakness and he was always criticised as he did not even try to improve his technique against the short balls.

Suresh Raina Wife

Suresh Raina and Suresh Raina wife Priyanka Raina love story are not lesser than any Bollywood story as both of them know each other from their childhood days and later after a couple of months distance, they fell for each other.

Suresh Raina and Priyanka Raina are now leaving a healthy and joyful life with their two beautiful children.

Priyanka Raina Biography:

Suresh Raina Wife

Suresh Raina wife name Priyanka Chaudhary Raina is best known to the cricketing fans as the wife of Indian cricketer Suresh Raina. Suresh Raina wife, Priyanka Chaudhary Raina worked formerly as a banker and is presently working as a software engineer and is also a social worker.

Suresh Raina’s wife, full name Priyanka Chaudhary Raina born in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on 18 June 1986 to parents father Tejpal Choudhary, mother Sushila Devi Chaudhary. She has two brothers named Abhishek Choudhary and Vivek Choudhary, now Priyanka Chaudhary Raina age is 37 and she is five years elder than the left-handed batsman Suresh Raina.

Priyanka Chaudhary Raina father worked as a sports coach in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh while her two brothers were both engineers. Priyanka herself did her B.Tech from Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology.

A few years later after her birth, she moved with her family to Rajnagar, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh and after completing her studies, Priyanka moved to the Netherlands for her banking job.

Priyanka Chaudhary Raina Biography covers all the detailed information about her.

Suresh Raina and Priyanka Raina:

The Indian Express

Suresh Raina and Suresh Raina’s wife Priyanka Chaudhary had grown up in the same neighborhood and had known each other for a long time and had been childhood friends.

Suresh Raina used to take sports lessons from Priyanka Chaudhary father in Ghaziabad while Sushila Devi Chaudhary and Suresh Raina mother were close to each other too.

But both the families lost touch when Priyanka’s family moved to Punjab and Suresh Raina on the other hand started traveling to due to his constant cricket career.

Suresh Raina Marriage:


While Suresh Raina was playing for India in the 2015 Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, his mother arranged his marriage with Priyanka Chaudhary by talking to Priyanka’s father.

Later Suresh Raina and Suresh Raina wife Priyanka Chaudhary started talking over the phone and hence developed a relationship. Although at marriage date on 3 April 2015, they termed it as arranged marriage, yet they were already in love with each other before the marriage date.

The pre-wedding celebrations started a few days before and the engagement took place at the Ghaziabad residence. After the engagement day, Suresh Raina’s childhood friend Priyank Sukhija, who is also a famous restaurateur, gave a bachelor party at his own business venue, Lutyens Cocktail House in Delhi.

Suresh Raina wedding took place at The Leela Palace, New Delhi. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Gracia Raina. The date of birth of Gracia Raina is 16th May 2020. Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka Raina were blessed with a Second child, Suresh Raina revealed it on Social media they named the baby boy Rio Raina. Rio Raina date of birth is 16th February 2020.

Priyanka Raina Work-life:

Suresh Raina Wife

At the time of Priyanka’s marriage to Suresh Raina, she was working for ING in Bijlmer, which is a neighborhood of Amsterdam, Netherlands, as a senior software engineer. Prior to that, she had worked for big companies in the likes of Accenture and Wipro.

Garcia Raina Foundation:

After their marriage, Raina and his wife gave birth of their daughter Gracia Raina, Raina with his wife founded an NGO and named it after their daughter as Gracia Raina Foundation. The NGO was founded in May 2017 on the first birthday of her daughter. Suresh Raina and Priyanka are the co-founders of the NGO.

Suresh Raina wife had left her job in Amsterdam and came to India to take care of her daughter Gracia when she was born. The NGO was founded based on her experiences as a young mother, as that made her sensitive towards the numerous need of new and less privileged mothers and children all over the country.

The NGO closely works with women and children and promotes their wellness, providing them with various opportunities to lead a sustainable livelihood.

On behalf of her foundation, she was invited to give a speech on 19 November 2017 at an independent TED event organized by ‘TEDxWhitefield’ in Bangalore, Karnataka. The Ted speech at the independent Ted event in Bangalore was one of her best speech.

She is also an avid blog writer as he frequently updates blogs based on topics that are close to her heart, like topics based on pregnancy, motherhood, child-rearing and physical and mental wellness related to pregnant women and children.

Before working for the Gracia Raina Foundation, she has worked with other NGOs like Paalna, Food Bank Network, and Nanhi-Jaan at PGI in Chandigarh.

The Priyanka Raina Show:

The champion of feminism and human rights got the opportunity to work with RED FM and she debuted as an RJ and got her show named The Priyanka Raina Show. It aired every Saturday at 9 am and every Sunday at 2 pm.

Although that was not the first time she worked with the radio station. She had earlier worked with RED FM on ‘The Palna Project’.

The topics on which she discussed on the show were based on domestic violence, acid attack, girl child education, sexual harassment, gender-biased and equality, menstrual hygiene, women of courage, taboos related women (single mom, widow remarriage).

Priyanka later shared her experience and joy on being on the radio. She shared the initial challenges she faced while working at the radio station.

The topics on which she discussed on the show were based on domestic violence, acid attack, girl child education, sexual harassment, gender-biased and equality, menstrual hygiene, women of courage, taboos related women (single mom, widow remarriage).

Discussing such topics is mandatory because people should know what is happening in society and they should not walk away. We will also have a social activists to share their experience,” said Priyanka.

“The objective is to bring more awareness. The listeners should be aware that the daughters and women need to be more secure and taken care of. They need to be more open-minded when it comes to women – we are existing in the society,” she added.

She later took the victims on-air and also stated that the show is not only meant for women. “The target audience is everybody – woman, men, and children. Everyone should be aware of. I feel along with men, a lot of women to women’s mindsets too need to change,” she explained.

Priyanka later shared her experience and joy on being on the radio. She shared her initial challenges she faced while working at the radio station.

“The first thing I had to change was switching to Hindi. At times it is very overwhelming and makes me very emotional when I hear the story of the victims. We keep talking to them even before and after the show. Sometimes it stays on my mind even when I am back home,” shared Priyanka.

Priyanka got immense support from her husband and her in-laws. Talking about her husband Suresh, she said, “When I told him about the show with RED FM – he too got very excited. He is always curious to know about my show recordings. In fact, one day I told him I needed him to record a song for daughters – he said if it’s for daughters I will do it.”

She also thanked the CEO of RED FM Nisha Narayanan. “Nisha is my biggest inspiration; she is a very strong lady. She is such an amazing person. It is great to know how she started and her journey today. The way she handles the team, I really admire her,” ended Priyanka.

The Happy Family:

Suresh Raina Wife
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Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka are proud parents to children Gracia Raina and Rio Raina. At present, Suresh Raina is enjoying his retirement life and also he has opened his restaurant in Netherlands Named Raina Indian Restaurant and his wife is settled their and supporting him in his new venture. Earlier At several IPL games, his wife has been seen supporting her husband. Priyank is a social worker and has even worked with the kiet group. The small happy family pictures can regularly be seen on several social media handles of the husband and the wife.

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