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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who is affectionately known as the ‘Little Master’ or ‘Master Blaster’ in the cricketing fraternity, is a former Indian cricketer and also unarguably the best batsman in the history of the game.

He was born on 24 April 1973 in Nirmal Nursing Home in Dadar, Bombay to a Maharashtrian Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin family, to parents Ramesh Tendulkar and Rajni Tendulkar.

Sachin’s father was a famous and well-known Marathi novelist while his mother worked as an insurance agent in the insurance industry.

Ramesh Tendulkar was a professor at Kirti College, Prabhadevi during the period of 1960s. He is acclaimed for writing many poetry books and doing many book reviews for some Marathi publications.

Ramesh had once written a poem in tribute for his son, the greatest batsman of the cricketing world.

            Intensity, concentration, spontaneity

            Moods and tensions and form…

            Rhythm and movement and composition

            And flashes of imagination and talent…

            When the strokes go across

            To the boundary

            Of all the things, that string of

            Uncertainty hanging all the time

            Making moment of every movement –

            A creative moment

            And a challenge

            What else can all this be

            If not a lyric on the playground?

            Hence this vocabulary

            Rushing up to me

            As I sit down, Dear Sachin,

            To describe your game.

Sachin’s father had named his son after his favourite music director, Sachin Dev Burman. Sachin was Ramesh’s child from his second marriage. From his first marriage he had three children, two sons named Nitin and Ajit and one daughter named Savita.

There Sachin was spotted by his childhood coach Ramakant Achrekar, who told him to shift his school to Sharadashram Vidyamandir (English) High School, from where Sachin’s career shot the moon.

Biography of Sachin Tendulkar Wife Anjali Tendulkar

Anjali Tendulkar was born as Anjali Mehta to a Gujarati family on 10 November 1967. She was brought up in 75 Bhulabhai Desai Road, which is considered as one of the most beautiful residential bungalows in Mumbai.

Anjali’s father, Anand Mehta, is a renowned Gujarati industrialist and he was also a former Bridge champion. Anjali’s mother, Annabel, has a British origin and he is the owner of the NGO Apnalaya.

Anjali’s family had an old connection with the Nehru-Gandhi family, and Anjali herself was pretty-much acquainted with Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi since her childhood.

Anjali is a medical graduate and has a degree in medicine and she used to practise as a paediatrician.

Sachin Tendulkar Love Affair and Marriage

From love at first sight to staying there for each other through all thick and thin, the relationship between Sachin and Anjali is quite interesting and inspiring.

They both met each other at the Mumbai International Airport and had instant liking for each other. Sachin was returning from his first international tour while Anjali was there at the airport to pick up her mother. Later both of them met again at a common friend’s house where they got to know each other better.

When the couple met, Sachin had just begun his career while Anjali was practising medicine, and she remained so much involved in studies, that she did not know anything about any sport. Later when they started dating, she brushed up her knowledge about cricket.

They entered the movie hall after the movie began. But during the interval the specs accidently fell down and he was surrounded by his fans, and the couple had to leave the hall during the interval.

The couple dated for five years before tying the knot on 24 May 1995 and has been happily married to each other for the last 22 years.

Although Anjali is six years older than Sachin, they have always pointed out the fact that the age gap had never created any concern in their relationship. Rather there had been more commitment and understanding between the two because of their age difference.

Talking about their bond, Anjali said in one of the interviews, “I’ve not known any other person in my life except Sachin. I understand him so well. So whether I am his girlfriend or his wife, it’s the same thing, just an extension of that bond.”

Talking about Anjali in an interview, Sachin said, “Anjali actually taught me to thank for what the God has given me and for what the God has not given me.”

The couple was blessed with a daughter on 12 October 1997 whom they named Sara. Later on 24 September 1999, they were blessed with a son whom they named Arjun.

Anjali left her job as a paediatrician and started to live a happily married life with her husband, as it would have been difficult to maintain both at the same time.

She never regretted her decision as she said, “I could not be married to Sachin and also have a full-time career. It wasn’t possible because he depends on me for almost everything. It was my decision. With Sachin not around and me with two kids at home, it wouldn’t have been possible. I took a decision and I have never, ever regretted it.”

She never left her spot in front of the television when Sachin used to bat for India. “I don’t eat. I don’t answer phones. I don’t drink. I don’t even move. I don’t reply to any SMS until he’s out,” she said.

In Sachin’s autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’, Sachin has praised his wife saying she has always helped him to go through the hardships of life.

“I confided in Anjali that I feared there was nothing more that I could do to stem the tide of defeats. Anjali, as usual, managed to put things in perspective and assured me that things would surely get better in the months to come,” Sachin said.

Sachin used to travel a lot during his playing days, but whenever he was in the country, he spent time with his family, enjoyed every festivals with them and even took them out for dinners.

Even if Sachin had been unavailable in any occasion, his wife would be understanding of his absence. “He hasn’t spent Diwali at home since we got married. But it really doesn’t matter that it’s Diwali… any time he spends at home is great!” said Anjali.

Such a sweet and understanding level in a couple will definitely make the couple cute and their bond will remain forever.