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Who is Kylian Mbappe?

All teams want Kylian Mbappé as a player. His birthday is December 20, 1998. He is without a doubt one of the most gifted young football players.

The PSG star plays as a winger or striker for his team and has lightning-fast feet. He competes for the France National Team while playing for League One club Paris Saint-Germain.

Who is the girlfriend of the world cup winner Kylian Mbappe?


The details about Mbappe’s personal life are sketchy. But once the Italian media published the image of him lifting Ines Rau, the rumours about his new girlfriend gained steam.

The first transgender model to appear on the Playboy magazine cover was model Ines Rau, a French model of Algerian heritage, in 2017.

In 2014, Kylian Mbappe Girlfriend made her debut in Playboy, when she posed naked for an exclusive article titled Evolution.

Did the girlfriend of the Paris Saint Germain star face backlash due to the playboy magazine’s playmate?

Cooper Hefner, the son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, stated in response to the criticism that the first transgender model Kylian Mbappe Girlfriend Rau’s appearance received: “We should jointly be striving for a more open society, not one that fosters intolerance and a lack of acceptance.

The transgender model Kylian Mbappe Girlfriend Rau, who is also interested in working in the entertainment sector, began her transition when she was about 17 years old but didn’t come out to the public until she was 24.

In the interview that goes along with the article,Kylian Mbappe Girlfriend Ines Rau claims, “I spent a long time without admitting I was transsexual.” “I dated frequently and nearly forgot. I was worried that I would never find a boyfriend and would be perceived as odd. You know, you should simply be who you are, I thought at that point. “

Was the PSG star spotted with his girlfriend at the Cannes film festival?

Kylian Mbappe Girlfriend
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Kylian Mbappe and Model Ines Rau were reportedly observed together at the Cannes Film Festival and then on a boat where the player was spotted carrying his girlfriend, according to Corriere Dello Sports.

Did The french national team star try to keep his relationship private?


The majority of football fans are familiar with PSG sensation Kylian Mbappe’s career. But the Frenchman has always gone over and beyond to maintain his privacy.

Fans did not expect to see Mbappe appearing in public with his girlfriend as a result. Even though the relationship was never made public, the 23-year-old was said to be dating French actress Emma Smet in recent months.

However, when they made the decision to split up, the couple’s romance was over.

Who were the other models Kylian Mbappe has dated?


Former Miss France Alicia Aylies and French actress Emma Smet have both been linked to Kylian Mbappe in the past.

Similar to the present claimed connection with Ines Rau, these partnerships were never made public.

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