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Who is Imran Tahir’s wife Sumayya Dildar?

Imran Tahir wife

Imran Tahir wife Sumayya Dildar is Imran Tahir wife. Sumaya, the wife of Imran Tahir, is a South African-Indian woman. Old African model, she is.

Due to love, she stopped modeling. gave up his career’s prosperous periods. Sumaya, the wife of Imran Tahir, is married and a follower of Islam, and both of them were deeply in and dated each other before their marriage.

We shall learn everything there is to know about Imran Tahir’s wife today.

When and where was Imran Tahir’s wife born?

The information regarding the birth date and birthplace of the south African bowler’s wife Sumayya Dildar is not available as she likes to keep her private life away from any sort of media attention.

Who are the parents of Imran Tahir’s wife Sumayya Dildar?

The information regarding the parents of the south African spinner Imran Tahir’s wife Sumayya Dildar is not available as she likes to keep her personal life private from any sort of media attention.

Does Imran Tahir wife have siblings?

The information regarding the siblings of the south African cricketer Imran Tahir’s wife Sumayya Dildar is not available as she likes to keep her personal life away from any sort of media attention.

Is imran Tahir’s wife Sumayya Dildar of Indian origin?

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According to reports, the wife of the international cricket star Imran Tahir is a citizen of South Africa but she is of Indian origin.

Imran Tahir wife Sumayya ancestors come from India and have later moved to South Africa.

At present, she stays in South Africa and has never revealed anything about where she comes from in India.

What does Imran Tahir wife do?


Imran Tahir wife Sumayya Dildar has kept her private life secret, therefore little information about her past is readily available online. Sumayya reportedly worked as a professional model before to her union with Imran Tahir.

To support her husband’s cricket career, she eventually left her job and became a full-time homemaker. She has been frequently spotted cheering for her husband in the stadiums.

When did Imran Tahir’s love story start?

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Imran Tahir made cricket history in South Africa in 2016 by being the first south african bowler to ever capture seven wickets in an ODI game against west indies.

He is the South African spinner with the most ICC World Cup wickets (39) as well. Imran tahir represented south africa, played domestic cricket, played county cricket and for the Chennai super kings in his cricketing career.

Even though Imran had a cricket career filled with accolades and records, not everyone is aware of his filmic love story, which is unmatched.

Before discussing Imran’s wife Sumayya Dildar and their story of true love, however, we must first look at the early years of his cricketing career, which had a significant impact on their fairytale romance.

How did Imran Tahir and Sumayya Dildar meet?

Imran Tahir had the opportunity to meet Sumayya Dildar, a professional model at the time when he was playing for Pakistan’s U-19 squad and traveling to South Africa for a series in 1988. While Sumayya had just viewed him as a friend, Imran had experienced love at first sight.

When did the relationship between the two starts?

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Imran Tahir began missing Sumayya Dildar after his journey to South Africa and began making frequent travels there to see and spend time with his then-girlfriend.

Imran Tahir wife Sumayya saw Imran’s value after a few encounters and after witnessing the efforts he made to spend time with her. She then fell in love with him.

Following that, they had begun dating and had taken their relationship fairly seriously from the outset.

What was the biggest challenge the couple faced before getting married?


Imran and Sumayya Dildar made the decision to be married after dating for a while. Due to their intense love for their respective nations, things had become a little difficult for the couple.

Imran Tahir wife Sumayya Dildar made it plain to Imran that she would never leave South Africa while Imran Tahir was working hard to make the Pakistan cricket squad.

Imran made the decision to leave Pakistan and wed Sumayya, the love of his life, after much deliberation.

The transformation had a profound impact on both his personal and professional lives, taking his cricketing career to a whole new level.

When did Tahir get married?

Before playing for the South African cricket team, Tahir got married to the love of his life in 2007 with all the family members and relatives present to shower their blessings.

Does Tahir have a child?


Imran Tahir and his wife Sumayya Dildar received a son, whom they aptly named Gibran, after a number of years of blissful marriage.

Imran Tahir has often posted adorable photos of his baby on social media, demonstrating that he is an involved father.

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