The Catalan midfielder wants to end the transfer saga story of Neymar, he wants his clubs to mate to speak on it soon.


The Veteran midfielder wants Neymar to speak by himself to end the story about PSG transfer whether he is going or he is staying with the Barcelona squad.

Iniesta referred his team mate’s blockbuster switch to PSG as a noise, and he believes everybody surrounding Neymar wants to end this drama, But Iniesta Believes that Neymar could only end it.

Iniesta voiced: "We would all like this to be different,"

"But the only way is for Ney to speak out.

"We want him to stay with us, but we also want this noise to be cleared up, whether it is for the player himself or for the club. Restoring the peace would be to everyone's benefit."

Iniesta believes that no matter what how much money PSG is offering to grab Neymar it is still short for Neymar because he is one of the best game changers around the world.

He uttered: "[Neymar] is one of the best players in the world and he is giving us so much,"

"I cannot see how 200 or 300 million would benefit the team more than having him. I want the best in my team and he is one of the best."

The Barcelona striker Luis Suarez also homologates on the transfer rumor, and he says that everybody at Barcelona wants him to be with them.

He said: "It will be a pity if he leaves Barcelona,"

"If he leaves, it will not change our affection for him. We all want him to stay. He is one of the best three players in the world and we need to enjoy him".