unseen images of shikhar dhawan wife


getting married

Even after knowng that Ayesha was a Divorcee, Shikhar Dhawan loved her and got married to her in 2012

A Happy Marriage 

For the First Few years, everything went well then Ayesha started to show her true colors

Terrain Map

After 8 years of staying apart, the couple finally decided to split up in 2021

With time truth started to unfold

Taking Money

Even after staying away from Dhawan, Ayesha used to extort money from Dhawan for her daughters who were from her previous marriage

Terrain Map

As the truth started to come out, it was found that she was living in Australia and did not allow Zoravar to meet his father and has now even blocked Dhawan from everywhere

As the Truth started to come out, she quit social media and started her podcast channel - B Human