Unseen Images of Sachin Tendulkar Wife

Anjali Tendulkar comes from a wealthy Gujarati Family and was brought up in one of the Most Beautiful Residential Bungalows in Mumbai

The Couple are often seen together in several Trips

Anjali is a very Private Person and does not appear much in Public. She also does not have any Social Media Handles

Anjali is a Fun Loving Character and the Master Blaster also matches her level 

Anjali has a degree and used to be a practicing Pediatrician

Anjali Tendulkar left her career in order to support her Husband who was in his prime and to look after their children and family

Even at this age they have been Setting Couple Goals

Find a man who looks at you the Way Sachin Looks at Anjali

Making Memories

Make it  Mid-Century Travel

Or a Great Event