Unseen Images of Murli Vijay Wife

The Famous Love Triangle between Dinesh Karthik, Nikita Vijay and Murli Vijay is known by all

But What does Nikita Vijay do now? Let us find out

As of her Professional life, she is an entrepreneur and has her fitness business  

Nikita Vijay is an Athiest and is a strong Believer of Ganapatti Bappa

She Loves spending time with her Husband and frequently joins him on several trips

She says her Children are her lifeline

And that’s a wrap to all my babies’ birthdays..You three make everything worthwhile. Thank you for choosing us....we love you to the universe and beyond .. wishing you the best now and forever

Nikita on her Instagram

A Few Snaps of Nikita

She Loves to travel

And Ofcourse find the best spots for taking a picture