Unseen Images of Deepak Chahar Wife

Deepak Chahar had shocked everyone when after winning a match with CSK, he went to the Stands and Proposed Jaya Bharadwaj

He stole my Heart so I stole his Last name #married #loveforever 01.06.2022 

Jaya Bharadwaj on her Instagram

Initially, seeing at Jaya, everyone throught Deepak was dating a Foreigner

Later Jaya had to confirm through her Social Media that she is fully an Indian who was born and brought up in Delhi

Jaya is the Founder and CEO of Trade Fantasy Games which focuses on Safe Gaming rather than reckless Gambling

Before having her own startup, Jaya used to work as the head of digital content in a Delhi-based telecommunication company.

An the Love for Travel is something which is not much talked about

Always Matching Aesthetics 

Be it the matching Desi Look

Or the Weird yet cute faces