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Who is Belgium international de bruyne?

Belgian-born professional footballer Kevin De Bruyne for Manchester City in the Premier League as a midfielder. There, he is vice-captain. He is a member of the national team for Belgium.

Most people agree that Kevin is among the top playmakers in the world. His professional life began in Genk. Later, after making his Premier League debut for Chelsea and seeing limited action, he was loaned out to Werder Bremen.

When Man City acquired Kevin from Chelsea, they were able to help him realize his full potential. Kevin has now gone on to win several crucial trophies for the Manchester City side Including the Champions League with them and also in 2022-23 season Manchester City won the Incredible Treble and Kevin played a pivotal role for them.

Who is Kevin de Bruyn’s wife Michele Lacroix?

Kevin De Bruyne Wife

Kevin de Bruyne wife Michele Lacroix holds a degree from Belgium’s Hasselt University. In fact, she was born in Belgium, and she is a nice girl and also very pretty girl.

Prior to meeting the Manchester City player, Kevin De Bruyne’s wife Michele allegedly operated as a guest and advertising girl for Prime Impressions in Hasselt.

According to reports, Kevin wife began dating De Bruyne in 2014, while he was a Wolfsburg player in the Bundesliga, and they both represented Belgium.

Following the devastation Premier League star man Kevin had from his last relationship, Kevin wife Michele has been a big help in his life. Kevin de Bruyne wife seldom attends Kevin matches because she is typically busy caring for her kids.

Where does De Bruyne wife Michele Lacroix come from?


Kevin de Bruyne wife Michele Lacroix, who is 29 years old, was born on December 8, 1993, in Genk, Belgium.

Her solar sign, which she was born under, is Sagittarius. Neither Kevin nor Michele Lacroix has ever revealed much about their background of Michele.

Is Michele Lacroix famous on social media?


Manc City star man Kevin de Bruyne wife enjoys sharing her images on Instagram with her 368K followers.

She is a well-known Instagram user who frequently publishes photos of her and her family. Every time she posts a picture of herself, she gains a few thousand followers.

A majority of people follow her for being the wife of the manchester city midfielder as Kevin posted her a lot of times.

The pictures of the couple in front of the Eiffel tower and with the premier league trophy went viral.

How did Kevin de Bruyne and Wife Michele Lacroix meet?

Michele Lacroix

The Belgian recalled his loan stint with Werder Bremen during the 2012–13 campaign. His tweet about a game was liked by Michele.

Kevin said ” The tweet that began it all. Because I was still on loan at Werder Bremen, I only had a few thousand fans at the time. I tweeted something about a game or something like that, and this lovely girl favored it. At the time, I was single, and my friend noticed. So he said, “Doesn’t she look like a good girl? You ought to tell her something. And I told him straight up, “No, no, no.” Let’s go. People are not fond of me. They don’t understand me. She won’t answer. “

He further added ” Everything changed then, nonetheless, not only because of football. Additionally, I had my future wife at my side, so that helped. She assisted my growth in ways that I’ve probably never even told her out loud. I’m hesitant to share this tale since it is so humiliating! But I suppose I must because I promised to be honest with you. “

And so their story started.

When did Kevin de Bruyne get married?

Extra Online

Kevin and Michele Lacroix got married at a private ceremony in June 2017 which was attended only by close friends and family members.

Does the Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne have kids?

The Netline

Mason Milian De Bruyne, the first of the couple’s two kids, was born on March 10, 2016, and Rome De Bruyne, the second, was born on October 31, 2018.

De Bruyne announced the birth of their child on his official Instagram account by posting a photo of the infant with his two older boys with the caption “Suri.”

They attempt to appreciate the water by spending a lot of time together at the beach and swimming pool.

Both the father’s and mother’s Instagram feeds are crammed with images showing their kids having fun outdoors, kicking a ball around, or snuggling with their mom.

Who is Caroline Lijnen?


Tennis player Caroline Lijnen served as Kevin De Bruyne’s first love interest. The three-year relationship between the two people started in 2010.

What happened between De Bruyne and Caroline?


However, the relationship came to an end when Kevin learned Caroline had been having an affair with Thibaut Courtois, the goalie for Real Madrid and a member of his Belgian national team.

After the incident, De Bruyne was reportedly “devastated,” but the midfielder and Courtois appear to have patched things up.

She allegedly stated: “Kevin cheated on me,” as reported by the Belgian magazine Story. ” For months, I kept quiet because I was afraid to speak up since Kevin’s parents had threatened to sue. “

She no longer feels shy to talk because Kevin mentioned her adultery in his book Keep it Simple, therefore she thought there was no need for her to keep quiet any longer.

She also compliments Courtois, noting that during their three-year relationship, she got from him what she hadn’t had with Kevin.

Where does Kevin de Bruyne come from?

The Indian Express

Mother of De Bruyne is from Belgium. Kevin was an Ivory Coast resident who was also born in Burundi.

His hometown of Drongen is a sub-municipality of the city of Ghent in Flanders, the region of Belgium where Dutch is spoken.

De Bruyne is a native Dutch speaker who also speaks German, French, and English.

De Bruyne participated in a divisive marketing effort on his personal Instagram account while serving as an ambassador for the Antwerp-based 2014 Special Olympics.

KDB was portrayed as having Down syndrome, with the tagline “Would you still be my fan if I looked like this?” in Dutch.

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