Will India Become The Next Big Gambling Nation After Australia?

    The last few years have been massive for the Indian online gaming sector. The market was valued at $290 million in 2016, and forecasts predicted that it would approach and surpass the mind-blowing $1 billion barrier by 2021. With 7.3 billion recorded gaming installations and a 17 percent market share of the total number of installed gaming applications globally, the country ascended to the top place in terms of mobile game downloads globally in 2020.

    India appears to have the right combination of characteristics to make it the next great gambling country, following in the footsteps of Australia, another undeniably top gaming country. Among the top gaming nations, online casino NZ also accounts for a larger percentage of the world’s market share.

    Factors Affecting the Growth of India’s Gaming Industry

    Players were forced to stay indoors following the Covid-19 pandemic, and had an incentive to engage in some of the immersive gaming experiences from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to PUBG Mobile and Pokémon GO, which largely contributed to India’s fast-paced growth in the mobile gaming sector. However, more than 400 gaming enterprises from all over the world are based in India, many of which specialize in gambling and e-sports. In reality, e-sports account for almost 4% of India’s user database, resulting in a rapidly expanding sports betting market in the country.

    The trajectory is surprisingly similar to Australia’s. Indians’ unquestionable enthusiasm for games and sports in general has fueled the country’s gaming industry’s amazing expansion. Casino gambling, cricket, horse racing, and tennis are all popular hobbies in both countries. Punters love both watching live sports and putting bets through online and offline sportsbooks, while avid gamers love both online and offline fun casino games.

    The need for virtual entertainment and availability of affordable gaming devices

    Furthermore, the constantly growing need to enjoy virtual forms of entertainment with friends and family might be attributed to the rise in Indians’ interest in gaming. With an increasing number of famous gamers in the nation utilizing their considerable influence to push gamers to play more digital games, it appears that India is only following the natural course of events. Digital gadgets are becoming more affordable by the day, and they are more widely available than ever. Digital gaming is increasingly becoming mainstream, which will further increase the desire for more diverse game material.

    Due to unlimited access to inexpensive smartphones, the number of users is increasing at an astounding pace of 15% per year. Besides, the availability of fast 4G technology, which allows gamers to experience quick gaming and the lowest data rates on the globe has catapulted mobile gaming to new heights. It’s easy to see why the kids here are demonstrating a higher thirst for gaming material on the go, especially with the growing number of games available on mobile devices.

    Young population very active internet users

    In addition, India has over 600 million gamers who are quite active online. When it comes to active internet users, the country is only topped by China, and the numbers are predicted to continue to rise, reaching up to 829 million by the end of 2021. The majority of these players is under 25 and have at least one smartphone. Overall, the facts point to India becoming the world’s next significant gambling industry, maybe even greater than Australia’s.