Three Questions for the Philadelphia Eagles Ahead of the 2023 NFL Season

    One of the favourites to win the Super Bowl in 2023 entering the season is the Philadelphia Eagles. Let’s examine several pressing concerns that this club still possesses. Even while the Eagles appear to be ready to run it back in 2022, there are still several problems that need to be addressed.

    There have been numerous instances in history of teams that made the Super Bowl one year, only to crash and burn the next year, and they lost both of their coordinators to head coaching positions. Due to the NFC’s general lack of competitiveness, the Eagles do have a very simple path to returning to the championship game.

    Will Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni, who were just extended, be able to contribute enough to help their team reach the championship game in 2023?

    #1. Will the Eagles break the Super Bowl hangover curse?

    The Los Angeles Rams in 2022 may have suffered from a Super Bowl hangover more than any other club. They defeated the Cincinnati Bengals to win the Super Bowl in 2021, although due to injuries and some personnel changes, they appeared to be a whole different squad.

    The Denver Broncos haven’t advanced further than the regular season since winning the Super Bowl in 2015. The Philadelphia Eagles could become the latest club to succumb to the Super Bowl curse if it exists. Since almost all of their starters from the previous season are back, maybe the curse won’t follow them.

    #2. What will life be without Shane Steichen and Jonathan Gannon

    This year, Shane Steichen and Jonathan Gannon left the Philadelphia Eagles to become head coaches. It feels a little unusual to witness one team lose both of its coordinators in this manner. Will that have a significant effect on the team’s performance? Gannon didn’t seem to be well-liked by many Eagles supporters, and I can kind of see why.

    But since Shane Steichen collaborates so well with Jalen Hurts, it might be expensive to lose him. Hurts wasn’t exactly a productive passer in 2022, though. Although effective, he wasn’t particularly lethal in the air. Although I don’t rule out the possibility of a slight decline in the offense, I believe both teams have enough seasoned players to make up for the loss of any coordinator.

    The Eagles team does feel unique compared to other Super Bowl contenders. If you are convinced the Eagles will still put up a strong performance to defend their Super Bowl title, then take to bet on the super bowl to wager on them.

    #3. Would there still be more of Jalen Hurts in 2023

    Can Jalen Hurts improve, or did his 2022 season represent his real potential? Hurts had a 101.5 rating and 3,701 yards passing for 22 touchdowns, six interceptions, and 15 games played last season. Jalen Hurts also ran for 760 yards and recorded 13 scores. In total, he was in charge of close to 4,500 yards of offense, 35 touchdowns, and only six interceptions.

    But is that his ceiling? There is reason to believe that Hurts maybe even better because he had and still has an incredible supporting cast around him, but there was a reason why he was only selected in the second round. That clearly isn’t a negative thing, but during the 2020 NFL Draft season, he was not near as highly regarded as other QBs were.

    He’s also a little undersized for the position, so I just think Hurts may have some issues that impede him from improving. I don’t believe this is a catastrophic issue since I believe his performance in 2022 will be sufficient to help the team win a Super Bowl again.