Single vs Accumulator Bets: Which to Choose

    There are many different approaches to take when it comes to sports betting. There’s nothing wrong with diversifying your options when you explore different types of markets and compare betting odds to try and target some positive returns.

    Win singles are still the most commonly used type of bet. But taking that a step further, accumulator bets can be hard to ignore simply because of the massive odds that they offer.

    Normally any type of bet with ridiculously long odds is to be ignored. But accumulators are a bit of a different beast when it comes to that. Under the right conditions, they do offer a fun alternative to those single bets.

    Singles vs Accas – The Key Differences

    First, let us look at the differences between the two types of wagers. A single bet is a wager on one outcome in one event and that can be on anything. For example, it could be a bet on Liverpool to beat Manchester United or it could be a First Goalscorer pick of Marcus Rashford. 

    An accumulator bet is a wager consisting of four or more outcomes from different events. The term ‘acca’ comes in with at least four selections, which succeeds the Double (2 picks) or Treble (3 picks). 

    For example in an acca, you can bet on Liverpool to beat Manchester United, Arsenal to draw with Chelsea, Tottenham to lose against Leicester, and Brighton to beat West Ham all in one wager.

    Odds and Risk Difference

    The amount you win or lose on either type of bet depends on the odds offered by the bookmaker and the stake you place. That doesn’t change. A single bet is straightforward, and it gives you a higher chance of winning than an accumulator bet does because you are relying on just one outcome.

    For the accumulator bet to win, all the included selections have to be correct, therefore it’s a much riskier and more complex affair. The trade-off is that accas offer higher potential returns than a single bet. That big win can be achieved with only a small stake. 

    That is what gives football betting accumulators their broad appeal. Backing a 1/1 winner in a match single with a £10 stake returns £10 profit. But for four 1/1 selections combined in an acca with just a £1 stake then you are up to a £15 return from such a winning bet.

    Market Variety

    Just as you can explore different betting markets for a football match with a win single, the same can be done for accas. An accumulator doesn’t have to be built with just match outcome predictions.

    Both Teams To Score, Over/Under 2.5, and even Half Time markets are all popular angles for taking on accumulator bets. The variety is a good thing, but whichever market you look at, accumulators don’t get easier. 

    They are big betting challenges, some of the riskiest types of bets that can be played. It is why they are seen as a fun aside more so than any kind of long-term betting strategy.

    Betting Tools

    It’s well worth looking at betting tools and betting bonuses when choosing either singles or accumulator sports bets. Acca Win Bonuses or Acca Insurance can help if that’s the way you are going.

    But Cash Out is arguably the most predominant one to watch for. The bookmaker makes a settlement offer on your bet depending on the state of the game and the time left on the clock. 

    For example in a win single, if you have backed a 3/1 underdog that is winning their match with 20 minutes to go, the bookie may tempt you to settle early for a sacrifice of odds so that you don’t have to sweat out that remaining 20 minutes.

    For accumulators, having a cash-out option is great if three of your four legs have already won and you start getting a bit squirrelly over the final selection. After all, picking those first three wins is no mean feat.


    So which type of bet should you choose? The only person that can answer that is you, and it will depend on your personal preference, budget, and betting strategy. Single bets offer some great simplicity and reliability. 

    Accas add that extra thrill of chasing bigger returns from riskier bets. But perhaps the best option is somewhere in the middle, in diversifying your wagers between singles and accas. Regardless of the road taken, make sure you do your research, compare the odds, manage your bankroll, and gamble responsibly.