NFL Team Mates Challenge with Tottenham Hotspurs

    The English Football team Tottenham Hotspurs are well known around the world for maintaining great friendship and brotherhood with each other. The players spend almost the whole day together, be it at the training pitch or at the cafeteria or the dressing room.

    To test how much the players know each other, a fun challenge was conducted with the Tottenham Hotspurs players where Son Heung-min, Hugo Lloris, Davinson Sanchez and Matt Doherty took on the NFL Team mates challenge.

    The NFL Lines challenge was of three rounds where the first challenge was to name the team mate who is most likely to.

    The second challenge was to assign different NFL positions to their teammates and the last challenge was to play a football themed game named “ Would you rather “.

    Challenge 1 – Name the Team mate who is most likely to…

    As the players  Son Heung-min, Hugo Lloris, Davinson Sanchez and Matt Doherty get ready for the challenge, there were two rules, number 1 was players must name a team mate in each scenario and the second rule was for each matching answer, players get a point.

    The first question was Who is most likely to return a punt for a touch down?

    Son Heung Min and Matt Doherty were fast enough to write down the names and surprisingly both of them had written the name of their forward Lucas Moura whereas on the other hand Captain and Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has written the name of Brazilian Striker Richarlison and Davinson Sanchez on the other hand had mentioned his team mate Son Heung Min sitting right next to him.

    When Both Son Heung Min and Matt Doherty found that they had mentioned the same player, Son said that this was an easy one to which Matt Doherty quickly replied it was easy because Lucas Moura just goes sideways and in and out of people. Son further said Lucas is so small and quickly moves between people.

    Son was surprised to see Hugo Lloris mentioning Richarlison to which Lloris said Richarlison is like a buffalo and everyone laughed.

    The next question popped up which said Who is most likely to have the best touchdown dance?

    This time Hugo Lloris and Davinson Sanchez quickly mentioned Son Heung Min as the fans are well aware about the great celebrations of Son after he scores amazing goals.

    On the other side, Son Heung Min mentioned Richarlison whereas Matt Doherty had mentioned the defender Emerson Royal.

    After seeing the answers of other team mates, Son was surprised and said to everyone that it should be Richarlison as he is dancing all the time then does the famous butterfly dance step done by Richarlison.

    Soon the next question Pops up which says who is most likely to Sing the national anthem?

    After seeing the question, Hugo Lloris started laughing and started to imitate team mate Japhet Tanganga. Meanwhile Matt Doherty was very confused and tried to sneak into the answer of Hugo Lloris.

    When the players were asked to show their answers, Hugo Lloris and Davinson Sanchez had rightly mentioned Japhet Tanganga whereas Son Heung min had mentioned Eric Dier. Surprisingly Matt Doherty was out of answer to which Davinson seemed shocked and told him he could not miss this one as this was an easy one.

    Now pops up the last question of Challenge one which read who is most likely to win an NFL Fantasy league?

    Seeing this question Matt Doherty said to Son that he cannot miss this one and their relationship was clear when both of them had mentioned Matt Doherty and started to jump and laugh.

    On the other side Hugo Lloris mentioned the striker Harry Kane and Davinson Sanchez had mentioned Ryan Sessegnon. Davinson said it was cheating as Matt hinted to Son that it was him but they laughed it out.

    At the end of Challenge 1, the scores stood at Sanchez and Lloris at 3 points and on the other side Matt Doherty and Son at 3 points.

    Challenge 2 – Assigning NFL positions to team mates

    The rules for the second challenge were simple enough. Players were required to match a team mate to the NFL positions, team mates were required to give their answers separately and one point for each matching answer.

    The first position allotted was a quarterback. Son Heung min said it could be Harry Kane because the way he passes, Son feels that Harry Kane has a good vision.

    Matt Doherty surprisingly named Hugo Lloris and they both lost a point.

    The next position was Wide Reciever to which Son put up the name of Matt Doherty and on the other side Matt Doherty put up the name of Djed Spence.

    The next position being Running back, Son put up the name of Eric Dier and Matt Doherty had put up the name of Ryan Sessegnon.

    Losing 3 points, the next one was defensive line to which Son put up the name of Tanganga and Matt Doherty put up the name of Eric Dier.

    The last position being the safety, finally both Son and Doherty managed to get a point as both of them mentioned Cristian Romero.

    When both of them were allowed to see each other’s answers, Son said his wide Receiver was Matt to which Matt replied he considered Son for a while but later changed his mind.

    The next turn was of Hugo Lloris and Davinson Sanchez.

    Both of them started by mentioning their quarterback to be Fraser Forster and gained a point.

    The next position being wide receiver, Lloris mentioned Ivan Perisic and Sanchez mentioned Djed Spence.

    When talking about Running back, both of them mentioned Richarlision. Sanchez said that the amount of character Richarlison puts on the game, it’s the perfect position for him and Lloris simply said that Richarlison is a beast.

    The next two positions being the defensive line and safety, without any hesitation, both of them had got the same answers which was Tanganga and Cristian Romero.

    Seeing at the score 4-1, Lloris said that’s the team and that’s the connection between them.

    Challenge 3 – Would You rather

    The rules of this round are simple where the players have to choose option A or B and had one point for each matching answer.

    The first question was A : Win in the last minute or B : Win a blow out.

    Son replied with option A and Doherty replied with B. Son said last minute is the real glory to which Doherty laughed and said he doesn’t think about the team and both laughed.

    To the same question, both Lloris and Sanchez chose option B which shocked Son.

    The next question was A : Play for a New York team or B : Play for a Los Angeles team.

    Son Chose Los Angeles whereas Doherty chose New York to which Doherty said Son was thinking about the sun to which Son says about how nice it would be in LA and Doherty promptly replied that he is a winter person.

    On the other side Lloris seemed confident that Sanchez would get it right but everyone around was shocked when both of them picked different options.

    The next question said A : Be the Favorite or B : Be the underdog

    Son and Doherty were quick to reply with A and Doherty said that they needed that one.

    Just as expected, Lloris and Sanchez had also chosen option A as well.

    The last question was A: Have the best Offense or B: Have the best defense

    Son replied with A which was quite understandable as he is an attacker but Matt Doherty being a defender chose option B.

    On the other side both Lloris and Sanchez chose option B to which Son said that there are 3 defenders and 1 attacker sitting here.

    The score of the last round was Lloris and Sanchez with 4 points and Doherty and Son with 2 points.

    The final Score

    Seeing the total of all three rounds, the final score of Lloris and Sanchez was 11 points while Doherty and Son had only 6 points.