Try Simulated Reality League for cricket sports betting

Simulated Reality League cricket or SRL cricket has kicked off a new season in 2021. The teams have made a few changes to their roster since the last season so expect differences in matchups. Visit your favourite sportsbook and start betting.

What is Simulated Reality League Cricket?

SRL cricket is a computer simulation of events. It considers all the factors between the starting roster, reserves, team coach, and the team manager. Since it is simulated, there won’t be time-outs for non-injury-related reasons. The weather won’t be any interruption in the games, unlike real cricket events where heavy rain could delay or stop an event.

Simulated Reality League livescore gets updated as the game progresses but it’s a faster-paced event than real cricket games. A standard Twenty20 (T20) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) can last for 3 hours or more because of breaks and pauses. SRL events last for only 2 hours because it skips the tedious parts such as positioning and minimizes clips for interaction between players.

What format does the SRL follow?

There are several SRL present on sports betting sites. The IPL SRL cricket seasons follow the current IPL tournament format and team lineups. It also adopts the players’ stats so far from their batting/bowling average to the probability of their extreme performance spikes. The tournament also uses the T20 format so all matches last around 2 hours.

SRL also has a simulation of the Super Sixes. It consists of the top six national teams competing for the championship title:

  • India
  • England
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

The most active league is the IPL SRL. It was also the first simulated tournament and Super Sixes SRL was the second. You can find their markets mixed with the other active cricket leagues in sportsbooks.

How to bet on SRL events?

Betting in SRL events isn’t so different from regular sports. There are two options: live betting and pre-match betting. Live betting, otherwise known as in-play betting, is about wagering on markets as the game progresses.

The bookie will offer markets for what’s happening in the current year. In case of special conditions such as technicalities, the bookie can present a unique market for the situation. Pre-match betting is about placing wagers before the event.

Pre-match betting is also known as future betting in some bookies. You cannot change your pre-match bets once the game begins. This category is more popular for high-stakes bettors while live betting is favoured by fans who are more emotionally invested in the game than financially.

What are the types of markets available?

There are only a few markets for SRL events. The game can be too fast-paced to apply some of the markets from a standard match in the IPL. Some bookies feature a few more but they are heavily situational or unique to the bookie. The following are the ones that are always present:

Match winner

This is the simplest market available. Just guess which between the away and home teams will win the current match. Betting on a tie is also available so there are a total of three options. Many bettors wager in this market while they watch the game and bet on other elements of the event.

Team with the top batter or bowler

At the end of the match, a top batter and bowler is declared among all of the players in the game. These players can come from either team and the bettors may wager from where either player will come from.

Over/under per innings

Bookies generate an estimated number of total overs per inning. The bettors only have to guess whether the actual Simulated Reality League livescore results will be over or under the bookie’s prediction. These are all the markets available for every SRL bettor