The 4 most popular cricketers and their hobbies

Photo by Alessandro Bogliari on Unsplash

Cricket is particularly popular in England, but is also played frequently in Ireland. The life of a cricket player is anything but uncomplicated: hard training and many appointments dominate everyday life. And yet, fortunately, there is time on the side to pursue one’s hobbies, whether it’s reading, playing some casino live games, cooking, or anything of the sort. Interestingly, they often have little to do with sport.

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Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn was born in South Africa on 27 June 1983 and is one of the best-known cricketers in the world. After playing for Australia for a long time, he is currently under contract with the South African Cricket Team. Besides his sport, the 39-year-old loves photography. This is how he winds down and recovers from his physically demanding everyday life. But he doesn’t have much time for this, because a great cricketer like him can only have so much time off.

Sir Alastair Cook

Born in 1984, the Englishman has been able to take the most catches for England and is considered one of their best players. Legendary are his strong and relentless shots with which he puts opponents under pressure. After he was dropped from the World Cup squad in 2015, the hype around the former international died down. His hobbies? Gardening and farming. He loves to grow plants and even lives on a working farm nowadays

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a full-blooded athlete who became part of the Indian national team at the age of 19. Born in New Delhi in 1988, he is now part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore and still active in the national team. When he is not training or playing a game of cricket, he’s doing hardcore workouts. For Kohli, sports and fitness are in his blood, whether as a job or as a hobby, it’s all the same to him.

Brian Lara

Brian Lara is also among the elite of cricketing heroes. Born in 1969, the giant has long been part of the West Indies. Historically, he is one of the most important batsmen in the cricketing world. Today, he enjoys spending his time on the golf course. Successfully, as it turns out, Lara is also convincing in his hobbies with precision and hitting power.


Although a large part of their lives revolves around sport, notable current cricket athletes and ex-athletes also have hobbies that take place off the pitch. Some of them are more sports-oriented, while others are not. Hobbies are important for any sportsman and anyone in life.