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Who is Rohit sharma’s wife?

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Rohit Sharma wife Ritika Sajdeh is an Indian sports manager and is best known for managing the sporting engagements of her husband.

Although Rohit Sharma Wife Ritika has been dealing with a lot of celebrity figures from the sports field due to her work, she came into the spotlight due to her relationship with ‘Hitman’ of Indian cricket.

When and Where was Ritika sajdeh born?

Rohit sharma wife
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Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika Sajdeh was born on 21 December 1987 to her father Bobby Sajdeh, mother Tina Sajdeh. She hails from a rich family with her parents living in the posh Cuff Parade area of Mumbai.

Is Ritika sajdeh a pet lover?


Rohit Sharma’s wife is very affectionate and fond of dogs and owns a beagle with whom Rohit Sharma Wife often posts pictures on social media. Her favorite hobbies are traveling and she is very fond of water sports.

Ritika Sajdeh Pen’s Down Emotional Massage after their pet Down:

Rohit’s better half Ritika Sajdeh share cute photographs of their canine and composed a profound subtitle.

“Yesterday was by far the hardest day of our lives. We said goodbye the love of our lives. You have been the best furbaby anyone could ever have. My first love, my first baby, the most gently furball that ever lived. Until we meet again  Our lives will always have a little less Magic in it,”

What does Rohit sharma wife do?

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Rohit Sharma Wife Ritika Sajdeh joined Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment, a sports management company founded by her first cousin Bunty Sachdeva, as the first member and became the manager of the company and has been working for it since then.

How did Ritika and Rohit meet?

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Rohit Sharma Wife is an integral part of the company and it was through the work that she met with Rohit. Bunty had known Rohit ten years prior to Ritika’s marriage and was instrumental in their first meet.

Rohit Sharma Wife Ritika Sajdeh met Rohit Sharma while managing a Reebok shoot in 2008 and was introduced to each other by Yuvraj singh as Ritika sajdeh was his rakhi sister.

Did Yuvraj singh help Ritika and Rohit meet?

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After the initial handshake, Yuvraj Singh jokingly said to Rohit not to look at Ritika as she is his sister. This made Rohit worried and angry, but somehow he managed to complete the ad shoot.

But the initial shooting was complete, the director informed Rohit that he would have to re-record the lines as the mic he was wearing was turned off and hence nothing has been recorded.

A frustrated Rohit went out for a walk when he was suddenly accompanied by Ritika who came to see if Rohit needed any kind of assistance.

From that day a beautiful friendship began and later Ritika started working as a manager for Rohit. From being a friend and manager, Ritika started becoming Rohit’s best friend and soon they started dating each other.

When did Rohit propose Ritika?

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After dating each other for six long years, Rohit Sharma finally proposed Ritika Sajdeh on 28 April 2015. Rohit wanted to surprise his ladylove and as a result, arranged for a grant proposal.

Rohit drove her to the Borivali Sports Club ground and went down on his knees with a solitaire ring and popped the question, to which surprised Ritika gladly accepted the proposal and said yes!

When did Rohit and Ritika get married?

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The official engagement took place on 3 June 2015 and the wedding was held on 13 December 2015 at Mumbai’s taj lands hotel.

What did Rohit and Ritika wear at their wedding?

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They had a star-studded wedding which was attended by people from the cricket world, Bollywood, and business world. Rohit clad himself in a crème sherwani, teamed with a red pagdi, while Ritika wore an off-beat-colored lehenga as she looked a stunning bride.

Does Rohit sharma have a child?

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Rohit Sharma and wife Ritika Sajdeh have been blessed with a baby girl whose date of birth is 30th December 2018. The name of Rohit Sharma’s daughter is Samaira sharma.

At present the aggressive batsman and the outstanding batsmen Rohit Sharma is the captain of Team India in limited overs cricket and tests and the Mumbai Indians at the Indian premier league. The couple resides happily at the Ahuja towers.

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