Now that the T20 World Cup is Over, What Can We Expect Next Time?

The eighth ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament took place in Australia from 16 October 2022 to 13 November 2022. The hosts were also the defending champions. However, they were not to be successful this time around. England beat Pakistan by five wickets in the final.

Now that the 2022 T20 World Cup is over, cricket enthusiasts are looking forward to the next installment. They can expect a tournament that looks a little different. The ICC Board has announced changes to the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. What will these changes look like?

What changes will happen for the next T20 World Cup?

Fans of the T20 World Cup have been keen to check out the changes that are happening to the competition, especially in India, where cricket is the top spectator sport.

This eagerness to learn more applies to people who only want to watch their favourite players taking part and to those who want to place a bet on the action. In the case of bettors, knowing about the changes is essential as these changes could have an effect on the likelihood of success for certain teams. Bettors will also be looking for the best sites for casino betting, including some of these sites which welcome Indian players.

So, what are the changes that bettors and viewers alike must know about? The biggest change is that the next four tournaments, taking place in 2024, 2026, 2028, and 2030, will be expanded.

20 teams will participate, and there will be 55 matches. There will be four groups of five teams when the tournament starts. The top two teams from each group will progress to the Super Eights stage of the competition. There will then be semi-finals and a final to decide the eventual winner.

Changes to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup as well

It’s not only the T20 World Cup that is changing. There will also be adjustments to the next installments of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. These installments will take place in 2027 and 2031, and 14 teams will compete in a tournament consisting of 54 matches. Like the T20 World Cup, this is an extension on recent events.

When the tournament starts, there will be two groups of seven teams. The top three teams from each group will progress to the Super Six Stage. A semi-final and final will follow to determine the winner of the tournament. This is the same format that was followed in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup of 2003.

In addition to the upcoming T20 World Cups and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cups, cricket fans can also look forward to an eight-team Champions Trophy tournament in 2025 and 2029. There will also be ICC World Test Championship Finals in 2025, 2027, 2029, and 2031. This lineup of cricket over the coming years is certainly impressive.