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Who is Vinod kambli’s- wife Andrea Hewitt?

Vinod kambli's wife
India today

Vinod kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt is married to former Indian Cricketer Vinod Kambli. She is a model by profession based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The couple have been married for over 16 years now. They are blessed with a child together, Jesus Christiano Kambli.

When and where did Andrea Hewitt was born?

Vinod Kambli wife, Andrea was born on 4 December 1978 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

What are the Physical measurements of Andrea Hewitt?

Andrea Hewitt is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall, she weighs around 60 kilos. Her eyes are black coloured and her hair is of brown colour.

Her Zodiac sign is Aries.

Where did Andrea Hewitt did her Education?

Vinod kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt did her schooling from St. Angela Sophia, Jaipur and St. Francis Xavier High School, Mapusa.

She later went into modeling to pursue her career.

What does Andrea Hewitt do?

The English Post

Vinod Kambli wife, Andrea Hewitt is a certified Image consultant at Savio John Pereira, Mumbai, Maharastra

Vinod kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt is also a former model by profession. She has walked for several fashion shows.

Apart from that, she was also a very popular face for various brand endorsements.

How did Andrea Hewitt and Vinod Kambli meet?

Orrisa Post

They both met eachother through a common friend. Vinod kambli’s wife was introduced to Vinod by one of their friends, they instantly got off and started talking about themselves. The conversations flew up and couple of months later they became friends and also used to meet frequently and soon they fall for each other and decided to stay with each other for the rest of their lives.

When did Vinod Kambli and Andrea Hewitt got married?

One India

The couple tied the knot in 2006. The exact date is still unknown.

The ceremony was a private event attended by family and friends only.

Does Andrea Hewitt and Vinod Kambli have any kids?


The couple got blessed with their son, Jesus Christiano in 2010.

Vinod Kambli’s first wife?

Mid Day

Before getting married to Vinod kambli’s wife Andrea, his second wife, Vinod Kambli was previously married to another woman named Noella Lewis in 1998 but the couple later got divorced in 2005.

Noella Lewis is the ex-wife of Vinod Kambli. She worked as a receptionist at Hotel Blue Diamond in Pune. The couples got married in 1998. But their marriage did not last long.

They got divorced in 2005.

The Ankit Tiwari’s Father Controversy:

Deccan Chronicle

Vinod kambli’s wife Andrea was once accused of punching the father of Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari. Vinod Kambli’s wife Andrea reveal that singer Ankit Tiwari’s father RK Tiwari had allegedly tried to touch her in an inappropriate manner and deliberately brushed his hands off Andrea, after which Andrea punched and beat him in Inorbit Mall.

A CCTV footage also went viral of Vinod Kambli and Andrea Hewitt Assaulting RK Tiwari after the incident.

Vinod Kambli also took this incident to Twitter tagging along the Mumbai Police.

Later on, speaking to India Today, he said,

“I immediately contacted Mumbai Police on Twitter. They calld me immediately and sent me a text asking me to send my contact details. Two constables also turned and took our statements. I am going to show our statements to everyone,”

Vinod kambli’s wife Andrea said she was willing to let go of the incident after her initial reaction. But things spilled on and there was an ugly scene that played out in front of cameras. Kambli, in fact, had to be restrained after an agitated conversation with two men.

“I told him to go before something else happened. I then took my kids and went to get something to eat. But then two men came back with him and they were very boisterous and aggressive. I realised they did not come to just talk – I told them I would not talk to you if this is your attitude. Wait for my husband to come”.

And when Vinod reached the spot, they said we respect you a lot. I told them to teach their father some respect and then they started touching my husband. I told Vinod to let it be and we wanted to walk away. We did not even want to talk to them,” Andrea said.

Kambli said he stood up for his wife at the mall and is now standing up for the safety of women.

“Had I not been there, what would have happened? They would have just touched her and gone. She is my wife and someone comes and touches her and then they accuse us of assaulting him? He sends us his two sons to talk to us. Did they knot know why my wife hit their father?,” he said.

Vinod kambli’s wife Andrea said she now expects an apology from the Tiwaris. “An apology letter will definitely close the matter.”

Later the 59-year-old, RK Tiwari also filed a police complaint against Hewitt in Bangur Nagar Police Station, Mumbai. The news formed quite a scandal in Bollywood.

Other Controversy:

In 2015, Soni Sarsal, the househelp of Andrea and Vinod, documented a FIR against them for supposed criminal terrorizing and for keeping her restricted for three days at their Bandra level after she requested her compensation. In the police grumbling.

The nearby police documented an objection against Andrea and her significant other under the Indian Corrective Code segments 34 (normal expectation), 342 (unjust imprisonment), 504 (affront to incite break of harmony), 506 (criminal terrorizing), and 509 (word, act or motion to affront the humility of ladies). In any case, when Andrea was gotten some information about the equivalent, she denied the charges and said that she had just terminated Soni after she came to be familiar with Soni’s illicit drug use.

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