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Who is the Great Khali?

The Great Khali as the fans know him is one of the greatest Indian wrestlers of all time who is well known because of his time he spent at the WWE. He is the only Indian Wrestler to have won the WWE heavyweight championship and has also been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as of 2021 class. Before entering the world of wrestling, he used to work as an assistant Sub inspector in Haryana police. He is also the founder and the coach of the biggest Indian wrestling Institute in India, the Continental Wrestling Entertainment. 

The Great Khali suffered from acromegaly which caused gigantism and he used to do odd jobs in order to support his family. Soon when he was part of the Punjab Police, he used to train in local gyms and was also a huge fan of bodybuilding and in no time he got the chance to train in the United States for professional wrestling. 

Soon he made his debut in All Pro Wrestling with the ring name Giant Singh and after that moved to San Francisco to make his debut for World Championship Wrestling. Later for one season, he was also a part of the Japan Pro wrestling. He had Finally Found his calling when he received the Offer from the WWE and today he is one of the greatest Indian wrestlers to have represented India in the WWE and he is well known today because of the tenure that he served at the WWE.

Who is the wife of the Indian professional wrestler The Great Khali?

The great Khali wife

Everyone knows Dalip Singh Rana as the Great Khali because of his contributions as a Punjab police officer and because of his professional wrestling career.

Only the real fans of the great Khali know the great Khali’s wife Harminder Kaur who has been his backbone since the beginning. The Great Khali and Harminder Kaur have been married for years.

Let us know about the great Khali’s wife Harminder Kaur.

What is the background of the Great Khali’s wife Harminder Kaur?

The background information about The Great Khali’s wife, Harminder Kaur, is extremely fascinating because few people are aware of her exceptional academic and professional accomplishments.

When and Where was the wife of Dalip Singh Rana born?

The stunning woman was born on January 12, 1972, into a Punjabi ethnic household not far from the Yamuna River.

Harminder Kaur age of 2022 is 50.

Who are the parents of Harminder Kaur?

The father of Harminder Kaur is Banta ram and her mother is Paramjit Kaur. Harminder Kaur also has a younger brother named Hardeep Kaur.

Harminder Kaur or the Indian wrestler Great Khali have never revealed about the occupation of her parents or her brother.

What is the educational qualification of Harminder Kaur?

Harminder attended Delhi’s public schools and graduated from Delhi University. Additionally, she had graduated from DU with a diploma in Spanish and travelled to Spain to enrol in the University of Alcala’s Masters in Arts programme.

Was Harminder Kaur an actress?

There were reports claiming that the wife of the Great Khali was an aspiring actress and had almost started her acting career but after she got married to the Great Khali, she gave up acting and decided to become a devoted wife.

What was the situation of the Great Khali before meeting Harminder Kaur?

Dalip Singh Rana was one of seven siblings born into a low-income household on August 27, 1972, in the Dhiraina hamlet of Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur district.

Dalip Singh had previously worked in Shimla as a security guard when he was younger. A Punjab Police officer who had significant contacts in the sports development authority and had assisted several police officers in becoming professional athletes noticed him at that time and invited him to Punjabi prison match.

How did the Great Khali and Harminder Kaur meet?

While Harminder Kaur was succeeding professionally, Dalip Giant Singh was on one side building a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling.

While the two were preoccupied with their various occupations, their families coordinated their union and let them know about it.

Due to their shared desire to succeed in their respective jobs, Dalip and Harminder had a romantic relationship from the start.

As a result, the two had swiftly come to rely on one another for comfort.

When did The Great Khali get married?

Dalip Singh married Harminder Kaur on February 27, 2002, following several conversations and meetings between the two families.

Was Harminder Kaur the lady luck for the Pro wrestling star?

After only five years of being married to Harminder, Dalip Singh’s wrestling career also saw a significant uptick shortly after their nuptials. He then made his WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ) debut as The Great Khali.

What role did Harminder Kaur play in The khali’s life?

Nevertheless, Harminder Kaur had never left the back of the stage despite Khali’s rising fame and success in the global arena.

Khali often acknowledged to the media that his wife, Harminder, had contributed significantly to his career, although she always chooses to avoid the spotlight.

There’s no disputing that it’s difficult to find individuals like her in this society who support someone without having the need to be in the spotlight, but it just about sums up Harminder’s character.

Does Khali have a daughter?


The Great Khali and his wife, Harminder Kaur, had a newborn daughter in February 2014, and her birth had radically altered their life.

The parents who were deeply in love gave their baby angel the name Avleen Rana.

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