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Silvia Fortini Biography:

Silvia Fortini Biography

Silvia Fortini was born in 1978, In Rome, Italy. Silvia Fortini is married to the Italian football manager Roberto Mancini. She is a renowned lawyer by profession and is also the founder of Fortini law firm in Rome.

Silvia Fortini Education: Silvia Fortini Biography

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Silvia Fortini completed her high school at a local institution in Rome. After her graduation, she joined a local university in Italy where she did her master’s degree in Law and was among one of the top students there. Moreover, she also has a diploma degree.

Who is Roberto Mancini?


Roberto Mancini was born on 27 November 1964, in Jesi, Italy. He’s a former Italian professional footballer. He has played for Italy’s national team.

He’s the firstborn child of Aldo and Marianna Mancini. Roberto Mancini also has a younger sister named Stephanie.

Roberto Mancini was among one of the greatest of his generation. He made a name for himself not only as a great footballer, but also as a very talented coach. In 2015 he saw his name getting engraved in the prestigious football Hall of Fame.

Mancini’s playing career:


Throughout his illustrious career he has played for many clubs in Itlay. Roberto Mancini signed and debuted for Bolonga in 1981 an spent only one season. In 1982, Sampdoria signed Macini, where he spent most of his career and played an integral part and helped the team. He formed a deadly striking partnership and guided his team to many major victories. He also featured in the 1991/92 European Cup championship against FC Barcelona. However, the Barca “dream team” managed to win that match by a free-kick goal by Ronald Koeman. After that, Mancini went to Lazio.

He has also played in the Premier League for Leicester City at the age of 36 in 2000 – 2001 season.

What all are the Achievements of Roberto Mancini?


During his time in Italy, he played 550 matches and won Seria A league title and four Coppa Italia titles as well.

He also helped the Italian national team win the European Cup Winner’s Cup.

Roberto Mancini’s Manegerial Career:


After his footballing career ended the Italian decided and took the role of Football Manager and managed many teams such as Fiorentina, Lazio, Inter Milan.

But his major breakthrough came with Manchester City after the Arabi takeover. All the fans were excited to see there team getting rebuild, and Mancini was the right man for the job. It took him four years to rebuild the team from scratch. He helped the Citizens in winning their First ever Premier League title in 2013 in the most iconic way till this very day.

Later, Mancini took the job of managing the Italy national team and and helped his team reach new heights. Italy became the Euro 2020 Champions, because of Roberto Mancini’s hardwork.

However, today’s article is not about Roberto Mancini. But about wife of Roberto Mancini, Silvia Fortini. We have gathered many interesting and unknown facts about her Private life.

Who is Roberto Mancini’s wife?

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Roberto Mancini is married to the Italian woman Silvia Fortini. Roberto and Silvia started their relationship back in 2016 and after two years of dating the couple tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony in Italy which was only attended by some of their closest friends and family members. Wife of Roberto Mancini, Silvia Fortini is 14 years younger than him.

Before Roberto Mancini married her wife Silvia Fortini, he was married to another woman named, Federica Morelli. Roberto and her wife Federica Morelli were married for a very long time from 1990 to 2016. They spent a long happy married life and also had dated for several years before marrying each other. In 2015, many reports started to emerge claiming that Roberto and Federica had separated and in 2016 they officially announced their divorce.

The couple has been blessed with three children two sons and one daughter, named Andrea Mancini, Filippo Mancini and Camilla Mancini. Federica gave birth to their first son, Andrea in 1990, their second son Filippo, two years later in 1992, and their daughter, Camilla in 1994 . Both of their sons, Andrea and Filippo have taken football as a profession taking inspiration from their successful father and where part of Manchester City U- 21 youth team. Whereas, Camilla is an Italian fencer. Many reports suggests that Mancini’s children get along with Silvia.

Who is Silvia Fortini?

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Silvia Fortini is an established and well known lawyer. She’s is also the founder of her own firm in Rome. Very little is known about Silvia Fortini’s private life before it was announced that she is in a relationship with the Italian national team coach, Roberto Mancini.

Roberto Mancini met Silvia Fortini because of a work thing. Mancini needed an assistance lawyer in 2009, and he contacted Silvia’s firm. That’s when the two met got to know many things about each other. They started dating in 2016 and dated for the next two years to understand each other and finally tied the knot in 2018. The couple is still together, and with Mancini’s job as the coach of the Italian team, he gets to stay close to his wife. All three children from Mancini’s previous marriage share a healthy relationship with Silvia.

Silvia Fortini Family:


Silvia Fortini’s parents were always supportive to their daughter. She also grew up in a very good environment. Silvia has not disclosed any information regarding her mother and her father.

There is no such information if Silvia has any siblings or if she is the only child in the family.

Silvia Fortini Professional Career:

Silvia Fortini is an established lawyer, who has her own law firm in Rome. She is the founder of the Fortini Law Firm. In 2009, Roberto Mancini was in urgent need of an assistant lawyer, and contacted Silvia’s law firm and that’s how they met. And later they started dating.

Roberto Mancini wife, Silvia Fortini has a long list of clients including some big names in the commercial and service companies, she also gives her service to her husband Roberto Mancini banks, financial institutions, construction companies and big private individuals.

She offers her services in six languages such as, Italian, Spanish, French, English, Arabic and in Russian as well.


Roberto Mancini, the former Italian football player and current director of the Italian public group, has two kids:

Filippo Mancini, brought into the world in 1996. He is likewise an expert footballer and at present plays for the Italian club Virtus Entella as a midfielder.

Andrea Mancini, brought into the world in 2000. He isn’t engaged with proficient football and stays under the radar.

What is the Net Worth of Silvia Fortini?


The exact net worth of Roberto Mancini wife, Silvia Fortini is known to be around 1 million. The average salary of a lawyer is known to be around 8.875 per month.

Her Husband, Roberto’s net worth is estimated to be over 45 million. He made most of his wealth during his playing career. He’s also been earning 2.37 million as the coach of the Italian national team.

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