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Who is Ravi Shastri wife Ritu Singh?

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Indian National cricket team ex-coach and former Indian cricketer Ravi Shastri’s wife Ritu Singh is the ex-wife of Ravi Shastri and a doctor who maintained a low profile throughout her time with the Indian cricketer.

The couple had been married for over a decade before they decided to end their marriage.

When and Where was Ravi Shastri’s wife Ritu Singh born?

The wife of the former international cricket star Ravi Shastri date of birth is unknown. Ritu Singh maintains a low profile and never revealed about her birth date.

The birth pace of Ritu Singh is also not yet known. It is only known that she was born in India but the exact birthplace is yet to be found.

Who are the parents of Ritu Singh?

Ravi Shastri wife Ritu’s father was an army colonel, hence she grew up in an extremely disciplined environment.

Ravi Shastri wife Ritu Singh never revealed anything about her mother. It is assumed that her mother was a home maker and was totally devoted to her family.

The details about her siblings are also unknown. Even if she has a sibling or does not have a sibling is unknown.

What are the educational qualifications of Ritu Singh?

Ravi Shastri wife Ritu Singh completed her schooling from a local school. She was brilliant in her academics from the beginning.

She also took part in extra curriculars and was a trained classical dancer.

After completing her schooling, she went on to earn an MBBS degree and become a doctor. The college from where she earned her degree is unknown.

What does Ritu Singh do?

Ravi Shastri wife Ritu singh after completing her medical degree started to practice as a doctor. She had her personal chamber.

She also continued her passion for classical dance and kept on improving in her dancing.

How did Ritu Singh and Ravi Shastri meet?

Ravi Shastri wife

Although little is known about their relationship, it is said that Dr. M. Jayadratha Shastri, Ravi Shastri’s father, compelled his son to wed Ritu Singh.

When did Ravi Shastri get married?

Ravi Shastri wife Ritu Singh and Ravi Shastri were wed on March 18, 1990. They were married for around 22 years.

Does Ravi Shastri have a kid?

Ravi Shastri, previous Indian cricketer and current lead trainer of the Indian cricket crew, has a little girl named Aleka Shastri, Born in 2008.

Aleka Shastri is an expert beautician and lives in Mumbai. She has major areas of strength for a media presence and is in many cases seen posting pictures with her dad, Ravi Shastri.

Is Ritu Singh Ravi Shastri divorced?

After 12 years of marriage, in 2012 the couple filed for divorce in the Bandra family court. They said they had personal reasons for getting divorced.

After divorce, Ravi shastri left his wife and daughter Aleka shastri and shifted to his home in Churchgate in Mumbai to live alone.

Was Ravi Shastri engaged to Amrita Singh?

Let’s time travel to the 80s now. Imagine that this is the age when Ravi Shastri, one of the most attractive cricket players in the business, was having success in his profession.

Amrita Singh, an actress and one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, was succeeding in her goal of becoming a big star in Bollywood. Soon later, the pair met, and cupid actually struck them as Ravi was overcome by Amrita’s beauty.

A film critic at the time reportedly claimed that Amrita and Ravi had been seen “cooing in a New York restaurant” and that the dashing cricketer had allegedly slipped a ring down the finger of Amrita singh.

Everything was going well unless Ravi Shastri made a statement saying “I definitely don’t want an actress wife. I am chauvinistic. Her home should be her first priority.”

And Amrita had replied, “At the moment I’m too involved in my career to give it up. But I’m sure after a couple of years, I will be ready to become a full-time wife and mother.”

Who is Ravi Shastri?

Ravi Shastri is a former Indian international cricketer and the former coach of the Indian cricket team and is at present a cricket commentator. He used to represent the Indian cricket team between 1981 until 1992 in the test format as well as in one day internationals and was one of the important members of the Indian cricket team that won the historic World Cup title in 1983 defeating The Mighty in West Indies in the finals.

 Ravi Shastri started off his career as a left arm slow spin bowler but later he transformed himself into a batting all rounder who used to frequently bat as an opener but because of his heart hitting ability he was also used as a middle order batsman. He was known for his signature shot where  he used to flip the ball off his pads. Because of his great height and a good body texture, he could not play a variety of shots against the fast bowlers but his lofted shot always worked against the spin bowlers.

 Ravi Shastri was a great player and during a first class match in Australia he equaled the record of Sir Indian Garry Sobers when he went on to score 6 sixes in a test match. Ravi Shastri was frequently seen as a potential captain of the Indian cricket team but his image outside cricket, injuries and tendency to lose form at crucial times meant that he captained India in only one Test match.

He used to play for Bombay cricket team and had led the team to win the Ranji Trophy in his final year as a player. He also played County cricket for Four Seasons. Ravi Shastri was forced to retire at the age of 31 because of a recurring injury. After that he became a regular commentator for the BCCI where he used to be present in the commentary box during the matches when India used to play. The commentary of Ravi Shastri when MS Dhoni Hit the winning 6 during the 2011 world cup final is something that every Indian remembers word to word.

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