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Who is Moeen Ali’s wife?

Moeen Ali's wife

The cricketer Moeen Ali has been in the news for both his personal life and his on-field accomplishments.

Who is Moeen Ali’s wife and how did their love story develop have been questions from fans.

Moeen Ali married his bride at the age of 21 after they met while playing in Bangladesh.

Moeen Ali’s wife Firoza Hossain, was born in Bangladesh but now resides abroad in England. Firoza presently resides in England with her family after being born in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

The cricketer’s parents arranged for the marriage of Moeen Ali and Firoza Hussain. Since Firoza Hussain prefers to avoid the media, there are no information about her professional life available.

She is a homemaker, nevertheless, if stories are to be believed.

Where was Moeen Ali wife born?

Moeen ali’s wife firoza Hossain never revealed anything about when and where was she born. She is a very private person and never comes at media attention.

According to reports, Firoza was born in Sylhet, a small city in Bangladesh. This news has never been confirmed by either of the couple.

She is very secretive so personal life information about Moeen Ali wife is unavailable.

What are the basic details of Moeen ali wife?

The basic details of Moeen ali’s wife frozen hossain are provided below.

Firoza Hossain Family: Not known

Firoza Hussain Education: not known

Firoza Hossain Love Affairs ( except for Moeen Ali ): not known

Firoza Hussain Favorite Things: not known

Firoza Hussain Age: not known

Firoza Hussain Height: not known

Firoza Hossain Nickname – Not known

Date Of Birth – Not Known

Mother – Name Not Known

Father – Name Not Known

Brother – Name Not Known

Sister – Name Not Known

Children : Abu bakr and Haadiya

Age – not known as of 2022

Nationality – Bangladesh

Firoza Hussain Education School – Name Not Known

College – Name Not Known

Education Qualifications – Not Known

How did Moeen Ali meet his wife?

It’s thought that Moeen Ali met his future wife when he visited Bangladesh for a match.

However, it is still uncertain how or where they met.

According to several stories, Moeen Ali was hitched at age 21.

Moeen Ali believes that this is a part of his private life and prefers not revealing anything about it.

When did Moeen Ali get married?

No one knows when did Moeen Ali get married to his wife. According to reports everything in Moeen Ali’s marriage was in a hush hush situation.

If reports were to be believed, Chennai super kings star all rounder moeen, got married before the age of 21 in a private ceremony only attended by close family members from both sides.

Was Moeen Ali marriage not revealed?

Moeen Ali did not reveal anything about his marriage until an English cricket correspondent went to the media and said that Moeen Ali was married.

This aroused a lot of controversies and finally the all rounder Moeen Ali had to go public and confess that he was married husband now.

Who fixed the marriage of Moeen Ali?

When Moeen went public about his marriage, he revealed that it was Firoza’s parents and the family members of Moeen who fixed the marriage of Moeen Ali with Firoza hossain.

Who is Abu Bakr?


Abu bakr is the first born son of the England player. Firoza wants her son abu bakr to be an Aalim or a religious scholar.

She named her son Abu Bakr in order to honor the companion of Prophet Mohammad and her father in law.

Does Moeen Ali have a daughter?


Apart from a son, Moeen ali also has a daughter named haadiya who is younger to Abu.

How is the Physical appearance of Moeen ali’s wife?

Firoza is around 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She weighs around 55 kilograms.

The color of her eyes are black but the color of her hairs cannot be seen as whenever she appears in public, she wears a hijab to cover herself.

Does Moeen Ali’s wife visit Bangladesh?

The Bangladeshi born frequently visited Bangladesh after her marriage. She went there with her husband during the tours.

However questions arised when she frequently visited her country but never went on to visit her hometown. People said that once she gained English citizenship, she never cared about where she came from.

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