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Who is K S Bharat?

Kona Srikar Bharat is an Indian international cricketer who plays for the Indian cricket team and also represents Andhra in the domestic ticket circuit and represents the Gujarat Titans in the Indian Premier League.

Srikar Bharat has been around the Indian Cricket circuit for a really long time. He became the first wicketkeeper-batsman in 2015 to score a triple century in domestic cricket. He received his first test cap from Cheteshwar Pujara in 2023 during the border Gavaskar Trophy in Nagpur.

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Who is KS Bharat Wife?

KS Bharat Wife

KS Bharat is a lucky man who had his love story completed. In 2020 KS Bharat merit his childhood love Anjali Nedunuri.

Where does Anjali Nedunuri come from?

As of 2023, Anjali Nedunuri is about 29 years of age. The exact date of birth and the place of birth of Anjali is not known yet.

KS Bharat Wife Anjali Nedunuri is a very private person and has never revealed much about her parents, siblings, their occupation or any other details about her family background.

Where did Anjali Nedunuri get her education from?

KS Bharat Wife Anjali Nedunuri has always been said to be a brilliant student who was excellent in her Academics. However the name of her school is not known yet but it is anticipated that she completed her schooling from a local school in her hometown.

After completing her schooling KS Bharat Wife Anjali went on to get her degree of Bachelors in mechanical engineering. After getting her bachelor’s degree KS Bharat Wife Anjali went on to get her masters degree in technology from Vellore Institute of Technology.

What does Anjali Nedunuri do?

Not much is known about the work life of KS Bharat Wife Anjali but it is expected that she works as a mechanical engineer in the R&D department of a well-recognised company.

How has the relationship between KS Bharat and Anjali been?

The couple made for the first time during their schooling years. It was love at first sight for the Indian cricketer while Anjali to her time to realise that she had mutual feelings for KS Bharat too.

After dating for about 10 years the couple finally decided to get married and they tied the knot on 5th August 2020.

How is the career of KS Bharat going on?

KS Bharat was around the Indian Cricket circuit since 2019. However, until 2023 he did not get a chance to make his debut.

On 9th February 2023 case Bharat got the chance to make his debut for the Indian test team against Australia during the border Gavaskar Trophy at Nagpur.

KS Bharat was also given the chance to represent the Indian team at the ICC test finals against Australia. Although he could not make a difference with the bad against the Australian bowlers but at the tough conditions in England case Bharat was appreciated By some of the great because he held his love and kept the wickets really well during the tough conditions at England.