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In the game of Twenty20, there are very few players who can match the level with the West Indian all-rounder Kieron Pollard, after his memorable 2009 Champions league performance for the, in the 2010 Indian premier league he becomes the joint highest-paid player in the Indian Premier League for Mumbai Indians.

Kieron Pollar and his lovely wife are one of the power pack couples in the Cricket fraternity and they also complements each other well.

Jeena Ali and Kieron Pollard also share couple goals pictures on their social media platforms and the couple also supports each other well in their personal life.

The goliath Pollard has got a huge stature, Kieron Pollard height is around 6’5 Feet, and with that height also he has got muscle power and fitness which helps him to dominate in every aspect of the game.

Kieron Pollard has got the ability to turn down any bowling line up on his day, Right now the prodigy is leading his country in the ODI and Twenty20 format.

Jeena Ali Biography:


Kieron Pollard Wife Jeena Ali is nowadays a popular name in this game of cricket, She is the Wife of famous Cricketer Kieron Pollard and also along with that she is a famous businesswoman as well, Jeena Ali has got a lovely personality and also a wise businesswoman and also a famous social media personality.

The Lovely Jeena Ali was born on 10th April in the town of Tacarigua of Trinidad and Tobago, this town is on the banks of Tacarigua river, and Kieron Pollard girlfriend has done her education from her home town.

In her Family, Jeena Ali got a supportive mother named Hanifa Ali and also got a younger brother named Ryan Ali, and the gorgeous Jeena Ali also runs a sports accessories business named KJ Sports and Accessories in Tacarigua, Her Organization various sports accessories like Bats, Shoes, and Cricket Jerseys.

Jeena Ali inspires to start this organization to get inspiration from her husband and the name of the organization” KJ” defines Kieron and Jeena Pollard.

Key Points:

  • Jeena Ali was born on 10th April in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Jeena Ali’s mother’s name is Hanifa Ali.
  • She also has a younger brother’s name, Ryan Ali.
  • Jeena Ali is a successful Entrepreneur.

Kieron Pollard and Jeena Ali Marriage:

Kieron Pollard wife

Kieron Pollard and his wife Jeena Ali knew each for seven long years and they were in a relationship for those seven years and after dating this long Kieron Pollar Married his long-time girlfriend on 25th August 2012.

They had a great grand big fat marriage in their home town, in their marriage many famous celebrities and Pollard’s several cricket teammates were present along with their family and friends, and in their dream wedding the West Indian cricketer was wearing a standard white shirt with a black blazer and Kieron Pollard Wife Jeena Ali was wearing a lovely white dress, and their marriage was done in a Christian way.

Kieron Pollard Wife Jeena Pollard understands him really well, Jeena  Ali and Kieron Pollard share strong chemistry and also the beautiful couple spotted many times traveling together in some beautiful destinations and in some hotels.

Though Kieron Pollard remains busy in his tight schedule but still he manages to spend quality time with his wife and his family.

Kieron Pollard Wife Jeena Ali is also a big admirer of the game of cricket; Jeena Ali was spotted on many occasions in the stands supporting her husband Kieron Pollard usually when Pollard plays in the major leagues like the Indian Premier League, Caribbean premier league and in Big Bash.

After their marriage the lovely couple Kieron Pollard and Jeena Ali were blessed with three lovely children, the lovely couple has two sons and one beautiful daughter, their elder son name is Kaiden Pollard and their lovely daughter name is Janiya Pollard and in the year 2019 the welcomes their new children named Kylon Pollard.

Key Points:

  • Kieron Pollard and Jeena Ali dated each other for Long Seven years.
  • on 25th August 2012, Jeena and Kieron tied their knot.
  • Kieron Pollard and Jeena Ali were blessed with three children.
  • Their Elder Son’s name is Kaiden Pollard.
  • Their lovely daughter’s names are Janiya Pollard and Kylon Pollard.

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