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Who is South African cricketer Jacques Kallis wife Charlene Engels?

Jacques Kallis wife

South African native Charlene Engels was Jacques Kallis’s stunning wife. Before winning the World Cup, Charlene Engels, the husband of Jacques Kallis, took first place in the South African Best Beauty Contest.

She arrived in South Africa as a stunning woman in 2002. the introduction of Jacques Kallis to his wife after that.

Charlene Engels is the wife of former all-rounder Jacques Kallis from South Africa. An African girl named Charlene Engels. A model is the wife of Jacques Kallis.

The year’s Miss South African is Charlene Engels. In 2019, Jacques Kallis and his wife got married. A baby has been born. The family of Jacques Kallis and his wife is now quite content.

When and Where was Jacques kallis wife born?

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The exact date of birth for the wife of the South african cricketer Jacques kallis wife charlene engels is not known. Judging by the looks of Charlene engels, she seems to be of around 30 to 35 years of age.

The exact birth place and the date of birth of Jacques kallis wife charlene engels is yet unknown as she has never revealed anything about it.

Who are the parents of Charlene Engels?

Jacques Kallis wife Charlene Engels has never revealed anything about her parents. She has never mentioned the name, occupation or background of her parents.

Charlene says that her parents do no like media attention and like to stay out of it.

Does Charlene Engels have siblings?

Jacques Kallis wife Charlene Engels has never revealed anything about her siblings. She has never mentioned the name, occupation or background of her siblings.

Charlene says that her siblings do no like media attention and like to stay out of it.

What educational qualification does Charlene Engels hold?


Jacques Kallis wife Charlene engels is of South Africa nationality but has done her primary schooling from a local school in England.

The name of the school is unknown. It is said that she was good enough in her studies with active part in extracurriculars as well.

After that she came to South Africa and did her high schooling in South Africa.

Later she went to college and got her degree.

What does Jacques kallis wife do?


Charlene Engels had a strong desire to make a difference at a young age. Charlene Engels started to introduce herself after that. In 2002, Charlene Engels was named the most attractive lady in South Africa.

Charlene was awarded the Miss south africa award in the year 2002.

At present, she is a professional model who works for well reputed brands.

Who is Jacques kallis?

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Jacques Kallis now serves as the South African Cricket Team’s head coach. The former South african cricketer played international cricket on the squad in the past and was an important all-arounder.

The nation’s cricket team relied heavily on Jacques Kallis, who is regarded as one of the game’s all-time greats.

There is little question that the expectations placed on him each time he onto the field were a result of the skills and abilities he had developed and displayed over the years especially in test cricket history.

He holds the record for receiving the most player of the match honours in Test history.

He also played for the Kolkata knight riders at the Indian premier league. Cricket south africa has sent numerous players at the IPL but for the Kolkata knight riders, Kallis was one of the greatest cricketers.

When did Jacques kallis and Charlene start dating?


The love story of the couple’s first encounter is kept a secret. They appear to be a discreet couple, but they are now clearly deeply in love.

When did Jacques kallis get married?

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Jacques kallis got married to wife charlene engels on 13th february 2019.

Does Kallis have a child?


The couple welcome their first son Joshua henry kallis. On the birth of Joshua, “Welcome to the world Joshua Henry Kallis. Most incredible day of both our lives.

Hearts exploding with love. Truely blessed @charlene_engels,” Kallis tweeted along with a picture of him and out of focus picture of his wife and son.

What is Jacques kallis scholarship foundation?

The Kallis Scholarship Foundation was founded in Kallis’ benefit year to integrate funding and mentoring support from Jacques Kallis with the academic and life skills programmes of existing school institutions.

The Foundation and its partners want to give gifted kids the chance to realise their full academic and athletic potential.

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