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David Warner is a famous Australian cricket and also a former captain of the side, he is the first Australian player in their history of 132 years who got selected in the national team without even playing the first team cricket in his career and he has won 2015 world cup against New Zealand in their home country.

In 2015 David Warner tied his knot with the former Ironwoman in the world Candice Warner, and David Warner Wife is an influencer and a model as well, and David Warner Wife also a surf life Saver who has won many accolades in her life for her Speed and techniques.

David Warner Family:


David Warner was born in the year of 1986 on 27th October in Paddington and his father Howard Warner used to work in a heavy machinery shop and his mother Sheila Warner used to work as a nurse.


David Warner, later on, got engaged with Candice Warner and the couple the couples have got three beautiful daughters, David Warner daughters named Ivey Mae, Indi Rae, and Isla Rose.

David Warner Wife-Candice Warner Biography:


David Warner Cricketer Wife Candice Ann Falzon was born in the year of 1985 on 13th March In Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Wife of David Warner is a former Ironwoman, at the age of 14 she competed in the Ironman competition, just after two years of that at the age of 16 David Warner Wife won her first NSW State Ironwoman Champion.

In the year 2008 at the age of 23, David Warner Wife(Candice Warner) participated in the Nutri-Grain Ironman & Ironwoman Series, it was one of the most difficult tournaments in Australia where in that year she got qualified for the event and overall she finished in the ninth position.


Now as in 2020 Candice Warner no longer competes in the professional level, in 2017 she took participation in some tournaments and in some other sporting events as well, in that year David Warner Wife finished the Gold Coast Marathon in a time span of 3 hours,46 minutes and 36 seconds.

David Warner wife also took participation in some television programs like “It Takes Two”, a musical talent show where an artist got paired up with a non-singer and Candice Warner got paired up with Australia Idol Anthony Callea, but eventually they got eliminated on the sixth round, and apart for this she was also a part of a famous television show named “Hells Kitchen” but got eliminated on the first round.

Dave Warner Wife has also done modeling in her career as well, she got featured in the “Maxim” and also she has been the brand ambassador of Hello Fresh and Australian Active ware brand “Lorna Jane“.

David Warner and Candice Warner Marriage:


After dating a couple of years David and Candice Warner got hitched in the year 2015 in the month of April and their marriage took place in Terrara House and got attended by their close friends and family.

David Warner and his wife have got three children, their first daughter Ivy Mae was born in the year 2014 on 11th September and their second daughter Indi Rae was born in the year 2016,14th January and Isla Rose their third daughter was born on 30th June in the year 2019.

David Warner Wife-Candice Warner Scandal:


In the year 2007 Candice Warner and sonny bill Williams were dating each other and she was just in the 20s at that time,

One night sonny bill Williams and Candice Warner were spotted in a cozy position in a toilet Cubicle, some journalist managed to capture them in that position and Media puts their entire attention on that matter and it also derails her Career as well.

Social Media Handles of Candice Warner:

Candice Warner Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/candywarner1/

Candice Warner Twitter: https://twitter.com/candyfalzon

Pictures of Candice Warner-Instagram:

Candice Warner/Instagram
Candice Warner/Instagram
Candice Warner/Instagram
Candice Warner/Instagram
Candice Warner/Instagram
Candice Warner/Instagram
Candice Warner/Instagram


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