9 Top FootBallers WAGS – Unseen

Behind every successful man is a woman. In the life of a footballer, the woman turns out to be their wife or girlfriend. A lot of top level players tend to dedicate their victory and success to their beloved partner. It seems that the partners truly deserve the praise and the credit as they keep supporting the players all through ups and downs in their career. They are always there holding the hand of their partner and pushing them to be better. Choosing the right partner who would be there till the end with the man can turn the life of any footballer in a positive way.


Everyone knows Cristiano as one of the best footballer in the history of football and has proved the world his skills on the field by playing for top clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and presently at Juventus. The football star has been known to be involved with a lot of women, but the only women he says he loves truly is Georgina Rodriguez. Georgina has stood with Ronaldo at every situation and has always treated his family as her own which is the best quality about her.


The world knows Lionel Messi as the greatest dribbler and undoubtedly as one of the greatest player. The Argentine has been proving himself since 2003 with his childhood club FC Barcelona. Messi has always been loyal to his childhood club and his childhood love Antonella. Both knew each other since they were just five. Soon at the age of 10, both were in love. Who could have thought that this childhood love would continue ever since.

Messi and Antonella had finally married in July 2017 after knowing each other for more than 20 years. Antonella always had been a special part of Messi’s life. She always stood with him at every stage of his life even when he was suffering from growth hormone deficiency. Antonella always keeps on motivating her love to be better than himself. The beautiful couple have three children together.


Paul Pogba is one of the very well known midfielder of this generation who is presently playing for Manchester United. Pogba is well known for two things, his special passing vision and his frequently changing hairstyles. Pogba was a crucial part of the French National Team that won the FIFA World Cup in 2018. It was during that time when Pogba’s relation with Maria was discovered by the media. Maria was seen with a diamond ring on her left hand and the couple were later spotted together. It was found that Pogba had been dating Maria since 2017.

It is still not known whether they are just engaged or secretly married by Maria has switched her surnames to Pogba on her instagram account. In 2019, Maria became pregnant with Pogba’s child and gave birth to a baby boy.


Dani Alves is one of the best right back in the history of football and a player who has supposedly won the highest number of trophies for club. His defense and goal scoring ability is a deadly combination which has turned a lot of matches around in favour of his team. Dani Alves was first married in 2008 with Dinora Santana after dating her for 6 long years. Dinora is a FIFA approved sports agent who helped Dani gain the contracts with FC Barcelona and Paris Saint German. The couple had two beautiful kids but in 2011 they had divorced due to personal reasons. Even after being divorced, they still remain on friendly teams for the sake of their children.

In 2017, Dani Alves married the model Joana Sanz in a secret ceremony. Dani and Joana had known each other through a mutual friend when Dani was in Barcelona. After Dani played the Champions League final with Juventus, he hooked up with Joana the same night. It has been found that Joana had rejected Dani’s proposal for marriage twice before saying yes for it.


Mohamed Salah is well known Egyptian forward who plays for Liverpool. Mo Salah is the main man behind the revival of glory for Liverpool and the man who gave Egyptian football the fame they deserved by taking them to the FIFA World Cup. Mo Salah is married to his teenage love Magi Sadeq who is a gentle woman away from a lot of media attention. Magi met Salah in school where her parents used to teach. There is a rumor around saying Magi has earned a degree in Biotechnology whereas in reality, she has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce faculty in Alexandria.

Magi is the most discreet wife. Without her support and love, Mo Salah would not have been here at the top position. After passing school, soon in 2013 they finally married and had a baby girl named Makka.


Luka Modric is well known Croatian midfielder who is presently playing for Real Madrid and is regarded is one of the best midfielder in the world. Luka Modric led his team to the FIFA World Cup finals in 2018 and eventually led himself to become the first human to win the Ballon D’or in the era of Ronaldo and Messi. Luka Modric first met Vanja in 2007 at Mamic Sports agency where Vanja used to work. After dating for a few years, they both decided to tie a knot in 2010.

It may sound weird but Vanja Bosnic is far away from social media and does not have her public account on any social media platform. After marrying Modric, she left Mamic Sports agency and without a second thought decided to be Modric’s agent. The couple together have three children.


Sergio Ramos is undoubtedly the best defender of our generation and one of the best in the history. Sergio Ramos leads his national team Spain as well as his club. Even after being a defender, Ramos has now scored more than 100 goals in his career. He is one of the most successful captain who has led his club Real Madrid to win three consecutive UEFA Champions League title. Sergio Ramos started his relationship with Pilar Rubio in September 2012 which came into public eye during the Ballon D’or ceremony in 2012.

Pilar wanted to get a degree in Economics but could never complete college and started her career as a TV reporter and first met Ramos due to her profession. The couple finally got engaged in 2019 and soon tied a knot in 2020 in Sevilla. The huge wedding had a plenty of big names present. Before getting married, the Pilar had already given birth to three children of Ramos and had one more after marriage.


The football world knows Robert Lewandowski as one of the deadliest striker who plays for club Bayern Munich and Poland National team. Recently Robert Lewandowski’s game throughout the season helped Bayern Munich win the treble. No one can forget the moment when Bayern Munich were loosing 1 – 0 at half time and after half time Robert Lewandowski came in as a substitute to score 5 goals within 9 minutes. Robert is happily married to international karate specialist, nutrition specialist and a health blogger Anna Lewandowska.

Anna Lewandowska is the perfect wife anyone would want. She has a plenty of international medals for her karate skills in all age categories, she is a health conscious woman as she is a nutrition specialist and regularly uploads her plans for a healthy lifestyle on her blog. They both met each other when Robert used to play for Polish club Lech Poznan and soon started dating in 2008. Anna always used to push Robert to get better and better every day. Robert dedicates all of his success to Anna and says he would not have been even half good as he is today if it was not for Anna. The couple finally decided to tie a knot in 2013 in a huge ceremony. The couple soon gave birth to two beautiful daughters.


Gerard Pique is one of the best defender of this generation. He plays for FC Barcelona and Spanish national team. Gerard Pique has been a special part of the FC Barcelona team and helped the team win two trebles. His contribution for the FIFA World Cup winning Spanish national team in 2010 is still considered one his best performance. Gerard Pique is married to one of the greatest singer Shakira. Even after knowing Shakira is 10 years older than him, the relationship between them was never interrupted by any major issue.

This goes back to FIFA World Cup 2010 when Shakira was the one who sang the legendary World Cup song “ Waka Waka “. Shakira and her group had to go to the destination of the opening match a few weeks before the national teams due to shooting. Pique texted Shakira asking about the weather even after knowing it was a lame to start a conversation with Shakira. The reply by Shakira amazed him when he saw she had sent a detailed reply describing the weather. Pique only had the chance to meet her during the FIFA World Cup final when she was scheduled to perform live. This was the time when he decided he had to play the final and went on to win the final.

Soon in 2011, they started dating and there love started growing day by day. In 2017, Shakira released a song which described the beauty of her love with Pique. Pique and Shakira share the same birthday 2nd February, just 10 years apart. Over the years, the couple have had two small kids.