This season the Real Madrid superstar beat the Barcelona ace in the Ballon d'Or competition, but the young Barcelona midfielder thinks that Lionel Messi is better than Ronaldo.


The 23 year old Brazilian international and Barcelona midfielder Rafinha believes that Lionel Messi is still the best player in the world and no one in the world can match his aptitude.

The 31 year old Portuguese won the most prestigious award this time for the fourth time and Messi got the second spot and the Atletico Madrid man Griezmann got the third spot.


But Messi’s club team mate Rafinha believes that the 29 year old Argentine ace is the paramount player of this time.

Rafinha added: "For me, the best player in the world is Messi,"

The 23 year old also thinks that Luis Enrique will sign a new contract with the Catalan side and he shows his support towards the coach.

He voiced: "We are very calm because we trust him a lot."

Now in the La Liga the Barcelona side is sitting at the second position on the table three points aback from their arch rivals Real Madrid who have a extra game in hand.