The former English international does not believe that the Liverpool side can fight off the bait of the Barcelona side.


According to Joey Barton Coutinho’s move to Barcelona is inevitable.

The former Sky Blue midfielder (Manchester City) midfielder thinks that the deal is a case of “how much rather than if or when”.

This season the Liverpool side consistently renounces the Barcelona’s approach, but the Barcelona side eventually proves cogent, Barton thinks.

Barton said: “He wants out, and if you’re getting up to what Liverpool are now, almost £120m, it just looks like how much rather than if or when,”

“He’s not a Scouser, he’s a Brazilian. He’s already living a fair distance away from home and he’s probably grown up wanting to play for Barcelona. No disrespect to Liverpool, but that’s the club Brazilian youngsters grow up wanting to play for nowadays.  

“It’s not the Liverpool of the 80s, it’s Liverpool who haven’t won a title for over 20 years, so you can’t blame the boy.

“As I said, it’s just a case of how much and at what moment he goes.”

Barton also denounce the Liverpool side for not to have a figured line-up for the Brazilian superstar.

He added: “Liverpool should have pre-empted this,”

“They should have known a big club was going to come sniffing for him and, although he’s difficult to replace, they should have had replacements lined up for him.”