5 goals from Erling Haaland crushes Luton as Man City reach quarter-final

All eyes of the fans were on Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland as with the return of Kevin De Bruyne and the destructive finishing of Haaland, fans were well aware that these two could be the game changer.

This was the first time Haaland was at the Kenwil Worth Road which was the back yard of the Luton Town and had set his eyes to make his mark at this stadiums as well.

3 minutes into the game, a low cross from Kevin De Bruyne inside the 6 yard box saw Haaland come in and put the ball past the Luton Town Goalkeeper and get his name on the score sheet.

Luton Town were still strong and were hoping for a come back with strong attacking play but the defensive efforts by the Manchester City team were being successful at stopping crucial attacks.

A cheeky ball by KDB to Haaland where the physical strength and speed of Haaland helped him take on the defender and score his second goal as the clock hit the 17th minute mark.

Haaland had crushed all the hopes of Comeback for the Luton Town as in just 40 minutes, Haaland completed his hattrick of goals while KDB had completed his hattick of assists.

Jordan Clark kept the hopes of luton Town when he scored a top bin from outside the box just before half time and another great finish at the 52nd minute saw the light of comeback for the Luton Town fans.

Manchester City with Haaland were too smooth to fall into Luton’s trap as Haaland completed his Repoker with 5 goals as he scored two more goals at the 55th and the 58th minute to seal the deal.

As an icing on the cake, to increase the margin between the two teams, it was Mateo Kovacic who went on well enough to score the 6th Goal for the Manchester City and confirm their flight for the Quarter Finals.