The Swedish superstar is backing up the Manchester United manager while they are struggling to find their spot on the top four of the table.


The veteran striker believes that a top four finish in the table would be the disappointing result for them and also said that Jose Mourinho is doing his best work with the Red Devils.

The Swedish is the star man for the Manchester United squad as he scored 27 goals for them in this season so far but his side is still lacking in many departments and they are unable to find their spot in the top four of the table.

Today they will take down the Sunderland team and they are still seven points aback than the fourth place team Manchester City side with two extra games in their hand.

Ibrahimovic said: "I think [Mourinho] is doing the absolute maximum with the team he has,"

"Two hundred percent. If we were good enough to be number one, we would be number one in the table.

"He still has the same winning mentality, because that you don't lose. When you have it, you have it. It is nothing you learn or can try to be. Either you are, or you are not

"I know him very well. He is direct in his work. He likes to look into your eyes and tell you if you're s*** or not. I prefer that.

"He sends you the message he is thinking and he is the boss – he decides and controls the situation. It is the way it works and I am from the old generation, which I think was more like that.

"At half-time against Everton [on Tuesday] he told us we were not good enough. We should hear it because we were not."

This season the Manchester United are monumental 21 points away from the league topper Chelsea side, but on the other hand, the Swedish striker is accustomed to winning league titles in his career with Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG,

The Striker hints that there is a possibility that in the next season again he will wear the Manchester United jersey.

Ibrahimovic voiced: "Even top four is a disappointment because the last time I didn't win a title was 2012 when Milan came second. The last time before that was at Ajax in 2003. I am not used to being where I am now,"

"So this is something new for me, a situation I learn from. I don't accept we are sixth, but I accept that I am here and I have to work through it. That's the way it is."